Kirkby Lonsdale Views

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The Green Room Cafe in Kirkby Lonsdale



A view of Main  Street in Kirkby Lonsdale.



Another view of the main street in Kirkby Lonsdale.


The above photos taken at start of 18th September 2016 ride to Sedbergh. You can see rest photos of the ride at this link.


An Arnside View

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The view before editing the photo.


The view after editing the photo, I will leave it up you to decide which is the best image. The photo taken on my 21st August 2016 ride to Arnside.


Aldi Cycling Clothing

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I call in at Aldi today on the way home from work end up buying Performance Cycling Jersey, Waterproof Cycling Over trousers, a pair of Lobster Cycling Glovers and Winter Cycling Jacket which came to grand total  of £52.00 I hate to think what cost else where!


Future Where’s the Brew stop? Cycle touring group rides

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The main aim of future ‘Where’s the Brew Stop? Cycle touring group rides, is to build up group of folk who are interest doing cycle touring rides with a bit of rough-stuff on some of the rides, meeting up every Sunday at around 10am for brew and cake in various cafes around North Lancashire, South East Cumbria and Western Side of North Yorkshire. Then heading out for ride to explore the delights of these three counties, the lunch stop will usually be some where with good view so you need a pack lunch and then calling in a bit later in the ride at another cafe for afternoon brew cake before heading back to starting point of ride.

The reason for meeting up at cafe at around 10am, give folk like myself  opportunity to ride out to start of ride and others who live a bit further away to drive there. Also if you start ride from inside a cafe, it give everyone opportunity to get know before setting off on the ride.

The starting point for each ride will usually between five to fifteen miles away from Lancaster, one week ride may start in Conder Green and next week’s ride may start in Kirkby Lonsdale this will allow more folk to ride out to start of ride if they wish.

The mileage on the rides from the starting point to finishing point of the ride will usually between 25 miles to 35 miles in the Winter months of the years and in summer months between 45 to 50 miles. High percentage of the ride will be on tarmac and small percentage of the ride may be off-road like the pass from Sadgill in Longsleddale over to Stile End in the Kentmere Valley or parts of Pennine Bridleway in the Yorkshire Dales.

The rides are aim at folk who like Carradice Saddlebags, Brook Saddles and maybe shop at Spa Cycles so please come on bike suitable for ride ie what the cycling press call’s adventure cycle touring bike this is touring bike with 35 mm tyres or bigger.

The ride will be usually led by Simeon Orme or if some one as better ideal than him at morning brew stop by them. On the ride faster riders will wait for slower rides to catch up so that the party will stay together until after afternoon brew stop where riders will usually peel off from ride to head for home as ride get nearer finishing point for ride which is usually some where near morning cafe stop.

Information about next week’s ride will usually posted up on Next week’s ride page on the Where’s the brew stop website, posted on Simeon’s Twitter and Facebook accounts and email to anyone on Where’s the Brew Stop e-mail list (the mailing list is for users of this site to send each other e-mails via one e-mail address, the list is moderated by the webmaster, you join mailing list at this link) on Monday or Tuesday evening by Simeon.


I did not get far on today’s ride due to puncture

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The above photo of a cow in a field was only photo took on today’s ride this was due to only making to outskirts  of Carnforth where I manage to get puncture in the back tyre, when I came to  get out of the spare inner tubes out of the saddlebag to my horror I found that they fitted with schraeder  vale instead Presta vale which in the inner tubes on my bike. Yes got the  inner tubes at same time I bought bike and yes I should have check the inner tubes before put in saddlebag but it case of trusting the cycle shop to supply the right thing but at end of the day its was my fault for not checking the inner tubes. Any way there was not much point trying using the inner tubes fitted with the schraeder vale and could find where the air escaping from the puncture inner tube, so decide it would be easier as I only a few miles from home to push the bike home which took me about hour to do.

After having some lunch, I swap bikes and rode into Lancaster to buy some new inner tubes and after coming home manage to put patch on the puncture inner tube and new inner tube in the back tyre.

So hopefully I will better luck on next week’s ride and mistake that I not going make again, yes I was lucky that I was only few miles from home when it happen and if you live near me I have two 700 x32 -50c inner tubes with schraeder value looking for a new home, which you welcome to have.


Colour or Black and White photo of the view from Helsington Pool Bridge

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I will let you decide which photo you like the best, both photos taken on my 23rd August 2015 ride to Loughrigg Terrace.


On the mend

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After twelve days of resting after my operation on the 1st September, I was fit enough to have ride out to Cafe d’Lune in Condor Green to have a coffee and cake on Sunday.


The get well cards.


A butterfly in the back garden


Arnside to Grange Cycle & Footpath September 2015 Newsletter

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ATOG is now four years old! Our supporters have been patient – indeed they may have thought we had stopped. We have not. The small committee has continued to beaver away in the last couple of years, and during this time we have had both good news and bad news. Fortunately there is more good than bad, and the number of organisations listening to our plans is increasing.

People have been suggesting a foot crossing over the Kent since the viaduct was first built. Councillor Ian Stewart has been active on the issue since about 2001. Now is a good time to recap where ATOG is.

A survey was undertaken of households in Arnside back in 2011 and that showed significant support for a pedestrian/cycle path on the Arnside railway viaduct.

In 2012 we persuaded cycling charity Sustrans to write a report on the feasible routes for this new link between Arnside and Grange. There were seven possibilities and each had advantages and disadvantages. This report is available on the ATOG Facebook page. The consensus seems to be that the new path should be hung on the Milnthorpe side of the bridge, but this is far from decided. There is a problem finding a route alongside the west side of the railway around Meathop Fell, but a slightly longer route around through Meathop would be an acceptable alternative. There are some issues on access from Arnside – the best option would seem to be from the car park at Arnside and through the first arch on the Arnside side. There would be an issue with very high tides but we think there is no reason why the new path should not be closed whenever the water-tight gates to the carpark are closed.

We are still none the wiser about the cost of a new cantilevered path on the side of the viaduct, but this would be high. It has been suggested to us that the engineering problems are too great to overcome for a full-width cycle path. The minimum required by law is three metres wide. However we think it would be reasonable to ask cyclists to walk not ride over the viaduct and so a path of about 2 metres would be sufficient. The minimum width is 1.5 metres. This would reduce costs and make the engineering issues simpler.

We are having good meetings with other bodies who are generally supportive. This includes Natural England who are developing the new England Coastal Path and they are well on the way to reaching Walney Island from Gretna. Over the next year or two they will be turning their attention to Walney to Arnside section of the England Coastal path. The Arnside Viaduct could be an important part of that and they might be able to help with funding.

Cumbria County Council appear to be supportive – although anxious about costs! We are hoping that our local Councillor Ian Stewart will have an early opportunity to commend the scheme to the Cabinet of CCC.

The Arnside & Silverdale AONB Partnership and the Morecambe Bay Partnership are very helpful, their advice and experience in tapping funding sources are invaluable. An estuary crossing has been on both partnerships future plans for some time. Cycling charity Sustrans has also been helpful and we hope they will continue to be involved, also with offers of funding.

We are also pleased that local businesses on the Furness Peninsular are keen to support this project. We have always thought that a true coastal path would benefit the local economy and access to the viaduct would be a tourist attraction in its own right. The Highways authority would welcome the opportunity of reducing the risk of danger to cyclists on the A590 and other routes in the area.

The next step will be for the various interested bodies to come together to raise perhaps £40,000 to £60,000 to pay for a detailed report on engineering options and benefits for the local communities. We hope that at least 60% of this sum can be found from non-public bodies. Morecambe Bay Partnership and Local Councils plan to carry out further work to enable tender documentation to be produced and issued before the end of 2015.

Of course the Arnside Viaduct is only one part of the England Coastal Path and there are similar issues with the Leven estuary and those further North. Arnside does seem the right place to start because there is currently no crossing over the Kent estuary. But if we can get the project started in Arnside, there is a better chance of the coastal path succeeding further round the Furness peninsular.

We will keep people informed of progress. We also hope that more people will support the project. Any suggestions for funding sources or offers to join the ATOG Committee would be most welcome. Please encourage your friends who can see the benefit of a new route between Arnside and Grange.

If you have any questions or suggestions please contact Stuart on ATOG201[at]

ATOG is dedicated to the establishment of a cycleway and footpath on the side of the railway viaduct across the Kent estuary between Arnside and Grange, on the north shore of Morecambe Bay. We are working hard to provide a coastal route of only three or four miles between these two coastal resorts whereas the only present route is in excess of sixteen miles.


Autumn Plant bedding shopping

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The above photo show what fitted into two rear panniers and saddlebag.



Cyclamen ‘Purple Flame’ planted in tub by front door.


A close up of one of violas planted by driveway in the front garden.


Last Saturday after work took small detour on the way home to visit the local Homebase to buy some Autumn colour for the garden. I manage to fit three boxes of mixed violas, a box of cyclamen ‘Purple Flame’, a 15 litre bag of potting compost, a bag of 10 Narcissi ‘Baby Moon’, a bag of 15 Narcissi canaliculatis and bag of 12 Narcissi ‘Jetfire’ into rear panniers and saddlebag.

After about 25 minute cycle ride from Morecambe to Halton, I unloaded my plants and use the potting compost to top up plant tub my the front door and planted the cyclamen in it (It worth spending a little a bit extra on cyclamen to buy larger plants as there better change of plant surviving over Winter months to flower again next year). The Cyclamen will keep flowering until about end of December (It just case of dead heading the flowers once finish flowering) and will another display of colour from this plant tub at end of February from some Narcissi ‘February Gold’ planted in it last year. I decide to plant the three boxes of violas and three bags of Narcissi in the front garden by the driveway. The violas should keep flowering through the Autumn and Winter months into Spring (again it case of just spending minutes each week dead heading the flowers)  and the Narcissi which I planted under the violas should offer some Spring colour from the end of March into May. 


Making the most of my cycling in August

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The above photo of the view looking back out of Horton-in-Ribbledale sum up that I got make most out of cycling this August. As my cycling goes on hold at beginning of September as going into hospital for operation to have Thyroid Lump remove from my neck, I must admit I am not looking forward to it!