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About the South Lakes Group

Different directions

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It was rather disappointing that I was only member on last Sunday’s South Lakes Group ride which was my last ride that  I was leading on behalf of the group for some time, its as been rather hard decision to make, as my name as been link to South Lakes Group for over twenty years but over last six months the group is heading in different direction in which I want to do my cycling on Sunday which is fair enough. So I think its only fair to let this happen and step back.

Unfortunately for me I am not that interest in  going on mountain biking rides and starting a ride from back of van as lost its appeal may be its some to do with me turning fifty this year or maybe the state of van which is in its twelfth year on the road but I decide to do more of my cycling from my front door on Sunday. So with this mind and mainly to getting me out of bed on a Sunday especially on days when you can hear rain hammering down the bedroom window and only thing you want to do roll over and go back to sleep. I going to do my future Sunday cycling under the colours of Where’s the Brewstop? Cycle touring Group which will be mainly me, my bike and my camera on most rides, I maybe wrong, you welcome to join me on any of these rides which will mostly start from Halton Station in the Summer months at 9am and in the Winter months at around 9.15am, you can  fine details of fore coming rides in the Diary of cycle club events at this link.  To start with the group is go to be informal group of friends who meet up and go out cycling on a Sunday and if I am prove wrong and a lot of folk join me on these rides, in future may look at becoming a formal cycle club but I don’t think this will be under the RSF colours as there general lack interest by the current national leadership  of the RSF for having another RSF group in the area which is fair enough, I may not agreed with this but I in position where do not need a national club to advertise where I am going on Sunday, as I think there enough visitors to Where’s the Brewstop website to generate some company for me on the Sunday club ride.

I wish the South Lakes Group every success in their future rides weather this as mountain biking club for the over forties or something  else!

With regards to the South Lakes Group website, I shall be slowly closing it down and moving the content  over to main the Where’s the Brewstop website over next 12 months and you may find far more content about South Lakes Group events on the RSF website in the future but that’s up to members of the South Lakes Group to decide.

In the future the Where’s the Brewstop? The off-road cycle touring website will be about off- road cycle touring routes, cyclist’s cafes, off-road cycle touring, local group events and good photos.


The South Lakes Group’s Run Meeting

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On Wednesday 8th January 2014, South Lakes Group will having Runs Meeting starting at 7:30 pm at Simeon’s to plan the Group’s rides for the following dates:


Saturday 1st:

Sunday 9th:

Sunday 16th:

Saturday 22nd:

Saturday 29th:



Saturday 5th:

Sunday 13th:

Sunday 20th:

Saturday 26th:



Saturday 3rd:

Sunday 11th:

Sunday 18th:

Saturday 24th:

Saturday 31st:


If would like to volunteer to lead a ride for one of the above dates, you must been a member of the RSF for over year or on list of RSF authorised ride leaders. South Lakes Group rides usually start at 10am from inside of Cafe or Tearoom or within first few miles of the ride stopping at Tearoom or  Cafe, the lunch stop is usually at side of track with good view and the Group usually stops for afternoon cafe stop. Rides starting in March need to be finishing at around 5pm, in April and May need to finishing sometime around 6pm or later. Rides on the 1st, 3rd, 5th weekend are usually car assisted rides and start within half hour to hour driving time from Lancaster. Rides on 2nd and 4th weekends usually start within 10 miles of Lancaster.

If you can’t make the run meeting and would like to lead a ride, Simeon the South Lakes Group Runs Secretary needs the following information e-mail to him: The date which you wish lead the ride on, the starting point of the ride and the destination of the ride.

Also at the meeting we need the Area Secretary to be proposed and seconded in writing and this will be forward on to RSF General Secretary before the RSF AGM at Easter.

After the runs meeting, the Ride List will e-mail to following, South Lakes Group members on the e-mail list, South Lakes Group Secretary, the RSF webmaster, the Editor of the Rough-Stuff Journal.


The photo that got away!

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Above is photo of Steve cycling along the bridleway to Buck Haw Brow on last Saturday South Lakes Group ride to Calton Fell which I miss putting up in ride photo gallery at this link.


Fred’s Poem

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Who will ride with me along life’s merry way

A comrade blyth and full of glee

Who dares to laugh out loud and free

And let their frolic fancy play like a happy

Child through the flower gay

That fill the fields and fringe the way

Where they ride a mile with me.


Who will ride a mile with me along life’s weary way.

A friend  whose heart has eyes to see

The stars shine out o’er the darkening lea.

And the quite pace at end of the day

A friend who knows and dares to say

Those  brave sweet words along the way

Where they ride a mile with me.


With such a comrade, such a friend,

I fain would ride to journey’s end

Through summer, sunshine and winter rain

And then, farewell, we’ll meet again.


The above poem was read out at Fred’s fare well service, the general feeling after the service was that it would be nice to have memorial ride later on in the year in memory of Fred, sometime around end of October where everyone got back from there holidays.


The late great Fred Lloyd

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Early yesterday  morning Fred passed on after short battle with the big C. I will remember him as good friend and as master runs leader, he was regular rider on South Lakes Group rides until he turn 80 and below is few photos of him enjoy himself on South Lakes Group rides and other RSF events. Please share your memories of Fred in the comment box below.



















MiK’s Rides Photos

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A, half way up the garburn pass at the end of april !

Half way up the garburn pass at the end of april !

B,what does a frozen egg butty taste like

What does a frozen egg butty taste like!

C, top gate on garburn

Top gate on garburn

d, setting off for moffat then on to edinburgh

Setting off for Moffat then on to Edinburgh

E, topping out on the beast above moffat

Topping out on the beast above Moffat.

f, at the head of the river tweed valley

At the head of the river tweed valley.

G, above kentmere

Above Kentmere.

H, my first sram chain and my last one. luckily i carry a spare

My first sram chain and my last one. luckily i carry a spare.

I. nice place to breakdown

Nice place to breakdown

J, the helm behind my house overlooking kendal

The helm behind my house overlooking kendal.

K,canal end at crooklands

Canal end at crooklands


A view of Middle Tarn in Winster Valley

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The above photo was taken on 27th July 2013 ride of the South Lakes Group, you can see more photos of the ride at this link.


Nick’s Spy in the hill photos

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South Lakes Group members Nick and Eileen did fancy the whole South Lakes Group 21st July  ride from Farleton View Tearoom and start a bit later from Tebay, were planning to meet up with rest of the group going up Borrowdale but spotted Simeon and Mik as we headed up the valley from the top of the climb up the Breasthigh road, below is few photos of Simeon and Mik cycling up the valley, plus a photo of new Silver Yard cafe at Orton where they stop for a brew and cake



A view of Mik and Simeon heading up Borrowdale.


A closer view, you can just make out Simeon and Mik who just been passed by another cyclist.


The classic view of the climb out of Borrowdale up to A6, you just make out Mik and Simeon half way up the climb.


Eileen sitting outside the Silver Yard Cafe in Orton.


A close up of the cranberry and pistachio cake.

After the cafe stop in Orton, they continue up the Lune Valley doing some more off road cycling along the bridleway from Sunbiggin farm to look at Sunbiggin tarn (which Nick say it was nice track) before heading back to Tebay.


A view of Littondale

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A panorama view of Littondale on today’s South Lakes Group ride as we followed the public byway down to New Bridge.