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Lake District Local Access Forum looking for new members

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Have you ever heard of the Lake District Local Access Forum (LDLAF for short)? Do you know that we are recruiting for new members? below explains what the LDLAF is and what it does and offers for you or someone from your organisation the chance to join.

What is the Local Access Form?

It is an independent statutory body. It has up to 20 members who are appointed by Lake District National Park Authority (under Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000). These members represent both owners of land with access (whether open access or public rights of way), all users ( for example, walkers, cyclists, horse-riders, water based users such as canoeists and anglers) as well as those with more specialist interest or link to access such as health, education, sustainable transport and limited mobility.

What does the Local Access Forum do?

The purpose of the LDLAF is to advise the National Park Authority and other organisations on the improvements of public access to land and water for open air recreation and enjoyment. In giving advice, the LAF takes into consideration the needs of both land management and conservation of the natural beauty of the National Park. Example of recent work include:

  • supporting or opposing changes to individual rights of way on the ground (sometimes with suggestions of alternative routes)
  • representing a number of user groups in respect of Cumbria County Council’s proposals to co-ordinate and manage large events.
  • commenting on proposals to fence common land (for woodland regeneration) to ensure public access is maintained.
  • every meeting of the LAF provides an opportunity for members of the public or representatives of parish councils or other organisations to make representations to the LAF

Are you interested in becoming a LDLAF member?

We are recruiting now for up to ten members with aim to have them on board in time for the next meeting on 26th April 2012. The schedule is as follows:

  • Applications submitted from 9th February to 1st March 2012
  • Informal workshop and meeting for candidates 14th March 2012
  • Successful candidates informed week beginning 19th March 2012
  • Induction session 17th to 18th April 2012 at Torver
  • LDLAF meeting  26th April 2012

There are up to four meetings a year and members agree to sign up for three years. We are looking for people with a wider or special interest in access to the National Park. These could include health and limited mobility issues, education and getting young people into the outdoors, tourism or local business, water based access or natural history among others. There are further details and application form at this link.

If you have any questions  about this letter or would like some advice from the LAF on a particular access matter in your parish, then please get in touch with David Robinson, Lake District National Park Authority’s Access and Recreation Developer on 01539 792698 extension 2735 or at David.robinson[at]

Your faithfully

Carole Barr

Chair, Lake District Local Access Forum

I receive above letter in the post today.

with regards



Local Access Forums

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Until fortnight ago I was one of the many in England who would of put up their hand and said that did not know anything about Local Access Forums, so what happen to change this! I was sent the Annual Report of the Lake District Local Access Forum which I have posted the Chairman’s Summary up on the site’s news section, so after reading the report and looking on the forum website, I decided it was well worth going to one of their meetings which are open to members of the public, so I when to one which was held on the 21st July at the Hydro Hotel, Bowness on Windermere it was interest evening with presentation from Richard Fox of the Lake District National Park Authority on the Fix the Fells approach to landscape improvement and another presentation from Mike Clarke the director of the Lake District World Heritage Project on the possible implications for access of the project. It well worth making the journey up to Bowness from Lancaster just to listen to these presentations.

So why is so important for the Rough-Stuff Fellowship members to attend meetings of the 81 Local Access Forums  in England which are statutorily prescribed independent bodies, introduced by the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000. The main job of these forum is to advise their appointing authority on improvements of public access to land in that area for the purposes of open air recreation and the enjoyment of the area, roughly this means for RSF members and other off-road cyclists they offer advise to their appointing authority on upgrading public rights of way so that we have more tracks to ride on!

Each Local Access Forum comprise appointed members who must be representative of both users of local rights of way or access land and owners and occupiers of access land or land encompassing local rights of way.

I n case of the Lake District Local Access Forum this make up of 20 appointed members (who are volunteers who don’t get pay to go these meetings) 7 members represent recreation use ie cycling, walking etc. 7 members represent  land management ie tentants, landowners, commoners, etc. 5 members represent Special interest ie nature conseration, heritage, tourism, business etc.. 1 member represent the National Park Authority. The members usually serve for three years. There is a rolling programme of appointment, with up seven members appointed each year.

The main Local Access Forums which concern members of the Lancashire Group, South Lakes Group and North Peak & South Pennine Group are: Cumbria Local Access Forum, Lake District Local Access Forum, Yorkshire Dales Local Access Forum, Lancashire Local Access Forum, PeakDistrict Local Access Forum, Cheshire and Warrington Local Access Forum, North Yorkshire Local Access Forum, West Yorkshire Local Access Forum and  Derby and Derbyshire Local Access Forum.

You find full list local access forums at this link on the Natural England website.

I  think it would be good long term policy for the Rough-Stuff Fellowship to try get a to member serve on each above Local Access Forums and if you interested rights of ways issues there alot of useful imformation posted on these local access forums.