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Gatliffs Hostels on the Isle of Lewis.

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Hi Simeon,

I’m Sue Boyd, warden of the Gatliffs Garenin hostel. I had a letter from one of your members in Leicestershire and throught it might be helpful for all of your members if I clarified a few things about the Gatliff hostels here on the Isle of Lewis.

  1. We are affiliated to, not run by SYHA. Their discount cards don’t apply with us.
  2. We do not have a booking system for any of our hostels. For details of wardens and beds at hostels, please see  In the interests of reassuring those who worry about getting somewhere to stay in the high season, please be assured that we,ve never yet turned anyone away and have camp beds and a two man tent available for use should they be required.
  3. There are cooking facilities available, as well as a shower room with WC and a separate WC. There are also drying facilities, a sold fuel burner, a microwave, kettle etc. There’s no telephone and the nearest point for a mobile signal is on a hill to the rear of the hostel building or in the car park. There are handwashing facilities, but no machine.
  4. The terrain here varies immensely from season to season. Tracks that may be easily passable during the drier months of the year can be treacherous bogs through other seasons. Maps are generally, not a great deal of use in deciding weather a path may be passable or not. It’s always best to ask someone local for up to date information.

Anyone who has questions to ask or would like further information is welcome to call me on 01851-643464 or email me at smeesue at We have a fair few cyclists through the hotels over the course of the summer and it’s a very good way to see the islands. One last piece of information that cycliste in particular are usually interested in; the bus drivers here are a fantastic bunch and are usually happy to have cyclists aboard and their bikes in the luggage compartment.


Sue Boyd

I recieved the above e-mail from Sue today, I hope you all found it useful and do e-mail or phone Sue if you want any more information.

with regards