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Kendal Torchlight Cycle Parade!

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On Friday 10th Setepember starting from Kendal Leisure Centre at 6.45pm.

This year’s Kendal torchlight will be headed by a spectacular cycle parade.

Everyone is invited – the only proviso is you must have a bike! We want as many cyclists, families, kids and everyone else to turn up with their bike… so tell everyone you know!

Our colour theme for the Torchlight Procession is Red and Gold. Please wear similar colours to make more of an impact, but if you can’t dont worry – turn up anyway.

If you have a wacky bike – bring it along! The wackier the better. If you can decorate your bike – great! Look through the SLACC Blog for some great ideas on decorating your bike.

Meet us 6.45pm at Kendal Leisure Centre, Friday, September 10th. Any questions please ring Ruth or Lorna on 01539 822165


SLACC Transport Group meeting on 12th July at 7.30pm

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Below e-mail is from Liz the Transport Group Co-ordinator at South Lakeland Action on Climate Change -Towards Transition about the Workplace Cycle Challenge in Kendal:

“Hi All,

We are now part way through the Workplace Cycle Challenge, which is turning out to be highly successful event with around 135 cyclists registered in 27 teams from 15 employers and, best of all, 10 new or returning cyclists taking part. Since Cumbria County Council reckon that it takes on average £10,000 of expenditure to produce each new cyclist, this is an amazing result for almost no money but quite a lot of a few people’s time (if that makes sense). We are upping the ante this week and challenging the teams to find more new cyclists to add to their number, and awarding all new cyclists with double miles for remaining weeks of the Challenge. For info go to and click on Challenge.

The other elements of the Summer of Cycling are coming along – the cycling map of Kendal is almost ready for publication, as well as being distributed by SLACC will printed in the new cycling route leafet for Kendal to be published by Cumbria Tourism. The cycling marketing information request card will soon be ready for distribution to every house in Kendal, and at this point we will need volunteers to deliver it. Following that, we well also need volunteers to deliver the information pack to households who request it by returning the card.

We haven’t convened a meeting recently as most active Transport Group members doing stuff for theseevents have been busy organising cycling smoothies for Challenge teams, toting round for Challenge prizes, updating leaderboards and resending press releases to the Gazettee when they ‘lose’ the ones we sent previously, amongst other things. We have all felt that we needed another evening meeting like a hole in the head. But now we really need volunteers to make the Summer of Cycling a success, so please come to a meeting in the Intro Bar at the Brewery on Monday 12 July at 7.30pm.

I promise that this time and venue will not change at the last minute, and hope that you will be able to come. If you can’t make the meeting, but are willing to help with leaflet distribution or putting information packs together, please let know and I will contact you to let you know when and how. My phone details are 07774-044428 or 01539-735628 or e-mail liz.ashburn[at]

I hope you can help, and look forward to seeing you on 12th if you can make it 

Liz “


How Bad Are Bananas?

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On 15th July at the Malt Room, Brewery Arts Centre at 7:30pm Kendal resident Mike Berners-Lee will be giving a talk and discussion on his new book ‘How Bad Are Bananas? The Carbon Footprint of Everything.

Some quotes about the book:” It is terrific. I can’t remember the last time I read a book that was more fascinating and useful and enjoyable all at the same time” Bill Bryson.

 “Mike Berners-Lee knows more about cardon footprints than anyone else in the UK.” Chris Goodall, author, Ten Technologies to Fix Energy and Climate.

“An engaging book that manages to present serious science without preaching” New Scientist.

“Curiously fascinating to both climate geeks and well-rounded human beings alike.” Franny Armstong, Director of Stupid and founder of 10:10.