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Please sign e-petition on the A6 in Lancaster

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Dynamo (Lancaster & District Cycle Campaign) has been campaigning for safety improvements on the A6 for several years. We stepped this up in December 2014 when we wrote to Lancashire County Council about the awful accident statistics and demanded action. We then worked up a list of improvements, together with the Council’s Road Safety Manager, in April 2015. The significant improvements needed relate to the junctions where accidents have occurred, as well as minor lining and signing updates. In all this time, the Council has managed only the lining and signing and has even back tracked on promises to complete the work.

Dynamo has decided that it is essential to show a huge public support for County to implement these A6 safety measures in full and urgently. We have therefore launched an official e-petition on the County’s website which will run for 2 months. Please do go online and support this campaign, it can be found at  Don’t be put off by the need to register on the e-petition site: it only takes one minute to do.

We are also going to run a paper petition in tandem with the e-petition.  Please let me know if you can take some paper forms to get signatures.  Please note that people must NOT sign both the e-petition and the paper petition.

Please also share as widely as you can with cycling groups, cyclists, parents who want to keep their children safe, and anybody else who cares about the safety of vulnerable road users.

Patricia Clarke

I through this best place to post this e-mail which landed in my inbox this week personally I don’t cycle along the A6 that often in Lancaster and only cross it in Slyne in the morning and sometimes in the afternoon on my commute on my bike to work and then home.

Simeon Orme  


Arnside to Grange Cycle & Footpath Update

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"We have learned from Adrian’s meeting with Sustrans, that they are quite
likely to declare the ATOG walk/cycleway is on their wish list – namely,
projects they would like to see happen. They are not able yet to make any
commitments about funding.
They are struggling to get details of what funding might be available
under the newly announced Coastal Access scheme and will continue to do
this. They believe Morecambe Bay Partnership, who have just won some
lottery money, would be good supporters of this project. We are informed
Lancashire are keen supporters of a long distance walk way/cycle track
from Chester to Carlisle and this project would fit nicely into that.
We have been advised the next step is to prepare a "preliminary
feasibility report" to set out the pros and cons of our aims; the merits
of using the north or south side of the viaduct; the access route options;
the environmental considerations; the likely position of Network Rail; the
permissions needed; the responsibility for maintenance and the interested
bodies who are likely to be positive supporters.
This is a large undertaking for amateurs such as ourselves and Sustrans
agreed they have the people and experience to do this but there will be a
cost and we are now awaiting details on this together with a timetable for
producing such a report."

Regards Stuart

PS please feel free to discuss ATOG on the Facebook page.

The Arnside to Grange Cycle path across viaduct is something that South Lakes Group supports as its open up plenty opportunities in North Lancashire and South Cumbria for cycling. I have also started topic on Where’s the Brew Stop forum at this link, where I will post any future updates from ATOG as well on this blog.


Arnside Viaduct – Cycle & Walkway Proposal

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Arnside railway viaduct is having some engineering work done to it in the next few months and there is a pressure group now called ATOG (Arnside to Grange) that has been set up by small group of local enthusiasts who are keen to get the first stages of cantilelever attachment added during the engineering works to accommodate a future possible cycle & walkway on the viaduct. Sustrans are negotiating with Network Rail and are hoping to at least get brackets put on the side of the structure so that the cantilevers can be added at later date to support the path way.

You can get in touch with ATOG at atog2011[at] E-mails of support from locals, not so locals, especially cycling, running, rambling groups would be much appreciated.

Eventually it is hoped to get sponsorship from local busnesses and organisations for each cantelever.


Government is planning to sell off all our forests

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Peter Kenner the General Secretary of the Rough-Stuff Fellowship e-mail me about the campaign that the website are running to stop the goverment from selling off all  our Forests in England which are own by us the taxpayer and not by the goverment, these forests are manage on our behalf by the Forest Commisson in England which Caroline Spelman the Environment Secretary and Jim Paice the Enviroment Minister should remember.

Anyway why should we be worry about this sale? well locally in the North West of England there is purpose built mountain biking trails in Gisburn, Grizedale and Whinlatter Forests, well I can’t see any new owner wanting maintain visitors centres or signage or the trails unless they can make alot of money out of it don’t take my word for it read ‘Fight the goverment’s forest sell-off by Caroline Lucas of the Guardian at this link.

What can we do about it, well first we can all sign up save our forests petition at this link, then write a letter to your local MP asking them not to support plan sell off and then may be write another letter to the two fools who are trying push this through Parliament ie Caroline Spelman and Jim Paice. The more folk who do this the less change the plan sell off will happen.

What do you think about the plan sell off of our forests? As could really curtail a lot of our off road access in England.