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Anything about the Lancashire Group

Rough-Stuff Fellowship membership is down

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The sad fact is that about 90% of the cycling population in the UK as never heard about RSF the off-road cycle club (Rough-Stuff Fellowship), this is be reflected in the club annual report for 2014 with 6% fall in membership, that fall of 37 members not renewing their membership for what ever reason.

The main problem for the RSF is that know one blogging or posting about them on social media about only person who I have come a cross who does this regularly is Al’s Outdoor World about his rides with the South Lakes Group. Yes they do have facebook group, flickr Group and  Strava Group which are helpful in getting the message out about RSF but the main problem is the RSF website there very little on it for club that celebrating its 60th Anniversary, yes the website as improve over the past year but there a lot time and money needs to be spent on it to get folk to  visit it regularly and join the RSF.

A classic example of where RSF website is going wrong is the ride report for the 8th March 2015 ride for South Lakes Group which you read on the RSF website at this link or on Als Outdoor World at this link, yes its the same report and photos but presented a lot better on Als Outdoor World.

The thing is cyclists like looking at photos of rides and this should be reflected on the RSF website and use find out from new members who came out on South Lakes Group rides that enjoy looking at ride photos on the South Lakes Group website before decide to come out on ride.


Autumn Meet Ride Photos?

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One of the problems the RSF suffers from is lack of ride photos from some local groups of there rides and of the Autumn and Easter Meet Weekends organise by the national committee showing what happen on  the day. A good photo, tells you story of what happen at the moment in time and several photos taken over of course of a ride tell the story of the ride far better than a few hundred words in a ride report on what happen on the ride or  over course of  long weekend at one national events that the RSF committee organise in the Rough-Stuff Journal which you may read if you interest enough.

If the Autumn Meet weekend had been organise by the Lancashire Group or the South Lakes Group or even Northern Peak & South Pennine Group or Yorkshire Dales Group there would been some photos of the weekend already posted up on the web showing what happen over the weekend, it shows the folk who did not go to the weekend what they miss and it provide good publicity for the club.

The main reason I visit the RSF website two or three times a month is to look at the Lancashire Group  ride photos and to see where they have been, we would get a lot  more folk joining our national club if other groups followed example of the Lancashire Group on the RSF website or the South Lakes Group with its own website which this blog is part of that website.

So getting back to Autumn Meet Weekend, what happen over the weekend? Did you go? Did you take any photos over the weekend? What was hostel food like?

Let have some feed back from you  telling me what I miss!


Fred’s Poem

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Who will ride with me along life’s merry way

A comrade blyth and full of glee

Who dares to laugh out loud and free

And let their frolic fancy play like a happy

Child through the flower gay

That fill the fields and fringe the way

Where they ride a mile with me.


Who will ride a mile with me along life’s weary way.

A friend  whose heart has eyes to see

The stars shine out o’er the darkening lea.

And the quite pace at end of the day

A friend who knows and dares to say

Those  brave sweet words along the way

Where they ride a mile with me.


With such a comrade, such a friend,

I fain would ride to journey’s end

Through summer, sunshine and winter rain

And then, farewell, we’ll meet again.


The above poem was read out at Fred’s fare well service, the general feeling after the service was that it would be nice to have memorial ride later on in the year in memory of Fred, sometime around end of October where everyone got back from there holidays.


The late great Fred Lloyd

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Early yesterday  morning Fred passed on after short battle with the big C. I will remember him as good friend and as master runs leader, he was regular rider on South Lakes Group rides until he turn 80 and below is few photos of him enjoy himself on South Lakes Group rides and other RSF events. Please share your memories of Fred in the comment box below.



















Regrowth, renewal and rebranding

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As we get to end of 2012, its a time celebrate the end of the year, to look forward to the new year,  the first snowdrops which herald the start of spring and the longer cycling days. So with some interest I read the article in the January – February 2012 issue of the Rough-Stuff Journal about the rebranding of the Rough-Stuff Fellowship which the South Lakes Group is a local group of this national off-road cycle touring club. Yes the South Lakes Group website does not go out of its way to advertise that its is a local group of the Rough-Stuff Fellowship because 99.9% of the population  of the UK have never heard or know about our national  club, you have to be part of the cycling community to know about the club, so we advertise the South Lakes Group on the website as your local off road cycle touring club, its describe what the club is about to modern audience far better than using the national club name which as serve the club well for past 57 years and will continue to serve it well for next 50 plus years, I don’t see any point in changing the national club name as its part of the history of the club but welcome more use of the national  club initials with short phrase that explains what the club is about i.e. RSF The off-road cycle touring club, which explain to new comers to cycling what the club is about  but at end of day the RSF for me is a group of friends meeting up a local cafe for chat and then going out on the weekly club ride.


Humble Pie, York Cycle Show and Membership

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Well myself and several other committee are going have to eat some humble pie, after the Rough-Stuff Fellowship team manning the RSF stand at the York Cycle Show manage to sign up eight new members over the two days of the show and also three other members renewal their membership another year, as gather from the team leader Pat Lloyd (For those up don’t know she is my mother) there quite a lot interest in the stand with folk looking at the photos on the stand which are mainly of photos taken in the north, also with folk buying Rough-Stuff Journal to look at later so there maybe a few people dipping into piggy banks to join the club after looking up about it on the web.

Okay I  am the first to admit that I did not think it was worth doing, as done my bash at being the RSF Stand Manager at Show for five years in the past before handing the baton over to Peter Kenner who manage the stand for three years before Pat and Fred Lloyd took over the job. After success of this weekend which also put quite a bit cash into the Fellowship’s Piggy Bank, both Fred and Pat would like hand the baton on to a lot younger member to manage RSF stand for next year’s York Cycle Show, its quite a easy job to do you just after talk about your favourite club and hobby for two days, then pay in any cash taken into the club piggy bank and inform the new membership of any new members. The storing and the putting up of the stand is done my another member up live near York. If interest in taking on the baton and managing stand at next year’s York Cycle Show which is usually at the end of June have chat with one of the national committee members.

Now getting on the club’s piggy bank, a lot of members over past 57 years  that the RSF as been going have donate a lot cash, as well members paying a membership fee each year, these funds are there to meet the Fellowship’s running costs and not be give away or wasted or donate to good cause, so please do not ask the club for donation as someone who should know better did in past few weeks my position on this is the answer every time should be ‘no’ and you may get a letter of support which happen  with request from the Elenydd Wildness Hostel Trust for funds to buy Ty’n Cornel Hostel in Central Wales, if you stay at this hostel in the past may wish to donate to fund buy the hostel, they need about another £25,000 by end of July before they can buy the hostel, there more information about the appeal on the Elenydd Wildness Hostel Trust Home Page at this link.

Yes it was interesting to read in this month journal that Frank the President of the RSF gave a call to increase the membership up to 1,000 members by next year at the Club’s Annual Dinner at Kington,  yes newer members may not believe this but the membership did get pass the thousand members mark in the late 1990’s but due to few cock ups in past with the Rough-Stuff Journal coming out on time pre internet and one of reasons why the South Lakes Group does have its own website, the membership did fall to 500 members before increasing back up to 600 members in the past year, yes I think its possible to increase the membership back up 1,000 members mark again, this can done with local RSF groups having their own websites to show what they are doing, using social media to spread the word about RSF rides, more local RSF groups being set up, each new local group can generate about 20 new members in the first year.


Rough-Stuff Fellowship Membership in October

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At the start of this month the RSF as 595 members on the membership roll, this is highest that membership as been for several years, most of the 20 new members who have join the club have found about the the RSF via the web or have join by filling out the application form in the journal. Three new members join due to RSF events list in the South Pennine Walk and Ride Fest, one new member join after picking up a journal at Tyn y Conell Youth Hostel which is one of the Elenydd Wildness Hostels. Two other new members found out about the club from the CTC.


Rough-Stuff Fellowship on Facebook

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It was bit surprise after checking out the Yorkshire Dales Group page on the RSF website, the RSF as now got a Facebook Page, what ever next a twitter page? Joking apart its good step forward for the club but there does need a link on main navigation bar of the RSF Website to the Facebook page and plenty of links from the Facebook  page back to various parts of the RSF Website. A good start, the hardest part of having a social media present is keeping it updated, I should know as the South Lakes Group as present on Daily Miles, Flicker and Twitter.

6th October update

After looking on the RSF website this evening  there is now a link from RSF Home Page to the Rough-Stuff Fellowship Facebook Page, well some one must be reading this bog!


RSF Membership

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The membership of the Rough-Stuff Fellowship now stand at 579 members with six new members joining the club over past two months, mostly from areas where there a local RSF group operating and one of the main reasons why folk join is go out with local group. From number of lapsed members in the Cheshire and Merseyside area there need for member to step forward and start organizing rides in these areas.


Easter Meet 2011Photos

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Many thanks to Ian Wood for e-mail me some photos of the Easter Sunday ride over Minchmoor, you can see rest of the photos at this link. If anyone else took any more photo over the Easter Meet Weekend do e-mail them to me at simeonorme[at] and I will post them up on the Easter Section of the Diary of Rough-Stuff Fellowship Local Group Events website. One of long aims with the Diary website is to have 56 pages of members memories of past Easter Meets, so if you have any memories or old photos of past East Meets you wish to share do e-mail them to me.