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Fred Lloyd memorial rides – A long weekend

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The general feeling at Fred’s fare well service that we should celebrate his life a bit further with a ride or a long weekend of rides. So this got me thinking about it over past few days as use love going to Lancashire Group Dent Weekends which usually held on the weekend at end of  October when the clocks go back a hour where he could be found enjoying doing two things he enjoy most in life chatting with his friends and cycling along bridleways and quite lanes.

It a bit to late to go booking a hostel or bunkhouse for weekend like the old ‘Dent Weekends’, So I thought fitting way to honour Fred’s memory would be to have a long weekend of rides starting from various  tearooms around the South Lakes area where we can put the world right in the tearoom before going out on a ride.

Yes Fred knew a lot folk from all across the British Isles and further field, so only fitting that it should be super long weekend starting on Wednesday 23rd October and finishing on Sunday 27th October, first of these rides is already organized that the South Lakes Group ride on Saturday 26th October starting from the Refreshment Room on Carnforth Railway Station around the Silverdale and Arnside Area.

So I am open to ideals for starting points and ride destinations for other four rides, would you interest in leading one?


Fred’s Poem

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Who will ride with me along life’s merry way

A comrade blyth and full of glee

Who dares to laugh out loud and free

And let their frolic fancy play like a happy

Child through the flower gay

That fill the fields and fringe the way

Where they ride a mile with me.


Who will ride a mile with me along life’s weary way.

A friend  whose heart has eyes to see

The stars shine out o’er the darkening lea.

And the quite pace at end of the day

A friend who knows and dares to say

Those  brave sweet words along the way

Where they ride a mile with me.


With such a comrade, such a friend,

I fain would ride to journey’s end

Through summer, sunshine and winter rain

And then, farewell, we’ll meet again.


The above poem was read out at Fred’s fare well service, the general feeling after the service was that it would be nice to have memorial ride later on in the year in memory of Fred, sometime around end of October where everyone got back from there holidays.


Fred Lloyd by Roy Davies

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Fred Lloyd is good companion for any run, he is an erudite conversationist with an optimistic attitude to life, and has an apparent ability to do any repair by the roadside.

He started life in Newton-le-Willows, and served time as an electrician at a foundry, specialising in colliery maintenance. This was a works that did not buy equipment, they had the skill and capacity to make anything themselves that they required.

Fred had good grounding in cycle touring and camping being tutored by cyclists of the old school. One discipline he learned was how to read a map, pace himself out, and estimate his time of arrival accurately. This was an asset was very useful once, when he had to cycle straight through 258 miles – after camping on Mull – in order to be on time to start work on Monday morning.

At an early stage in his cycling career when aged sixteen, to make a Saturday morning start for camping, it was necessary to work a 48 hour shift first on maintenance down the mine. In those days of punctuality, even if only a minute late his companion had gone.

For many years every weekend was spent with the cycle campers, a membership drawn from across South Lancashire.

They had an 8 month camping season together with New Year and a Winter camp, hostels taking up rest of the year. There were splendid years when they welcomed  as friends  by farmers on some 40 private  sites, as indeed they were at the local hostelries, which they generally took over with piano and song. During this period, in the early fifties , on two occasions he toured Europe for six months.

With a companion he attended an early R.S.F. meet at Walton-le-Dale, and whilst they both done a fair amount of pass storming, the expert knowledge revealed by those present when slides were shown so overwhelmed them that they retreated and did not join till some later.

Raising a family, added to travelling at home and abroad with a new job curtailed his activities, till firstly he helped form Preston C.T.C., then in 1978 he was a founder member of Lancaster C.T.C., from this time he been an active Chairman of both section and D.A. He has built a reputation for heading interesting runs that are well planned, but not recommend for the fainted-hearted.

Retirement has given him and Pat more opportunities to plan expeditions and meet other groups, to extent they would require a biographer to record their travels.

Fred cannot resist the challenge of any unknown track, weather he is struggling with fences on Rannoch Moor, or one that simply finishes round a disused quarry.

He has a saying “ We may not know where we are, but we are never lost”. However, readers of Pat’s detailed articles will know how well she corrected this.

The above was first published in the January-February 1994 issue of The Rough-Stuff Journal a fitting tribute to Fred written by his best friend the late Roy Davies.


The late great Fred Lloyd

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Early yesterday  morning Fred passed on after short battle with the big C. I will remember him as good friend and as master runs leader, he was regular rider on South Lakes Group rides until he turn 80 and below is few photos of him enjoy himself on South Lakes Group rides and other RSF events. Please share your memories of Fred in the comment box below.