Ideas for future South Lakes Group rides

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Here few ideals from Barrie and James on future rides for the South Lakes Group.

  1. Highway path- Birkdale Common Area from Kirkby Stephen.
  2. Whit Fell and Devoke Water Area.
  3. Garburn and Kirkstone passes
  4. Docray – Old Coach Road – St. Johns (north) -Guardhouse Bridge – Wallthwaite – Gillsrow – track over Flaska? (white road?) – Blinks Moss – New Road -Docray.
  5. Hilton – Scordale (military zone so date important !) – Mazebeck – High Cup Nick – Dufton.
  6. Orton – Gaythorne Plain – Drybeck – Hoff – Lookingflatt -Heights – Breaks Hall- Great Asby – Sayle Lane – Scarside.

I would like someĀ  more ideals for future rides from members like ones above, we also looking to have group camping and youth hostel weekends next years so let me have ideals where you want to go please!