New Membership Forms

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If you reading this post you must be member of the Rough-Stuff Fellowship, do have cycling friends who would like to join the RSF, why not ask your local area group secretary for few new business card size application forms to handout to your mates or other cyclists you meet on your travels, if every member just got one person to join the RSF, we would have over thousand members.

If you don’t go out with a local RSF Group why not send Peter Kenner the RSF General Secretary a e-mail with your name and address so he can send you few of these new application forms so that you can hand them out to your friends.

Why you may ask is it important to recruit new members? The more cyclists and mountain bikers join the RSF the more our voice will listen to my local and national government departments. Also the RSF is about only national cycling club in the UK which is interest in developing network of local groups for the off-road cyclists and mountain bikers which put on local events for members.

If you reading this post and you not a member, shame on you its about time you join, click this link and fill out the application form and send it off to the new membership secretary tomorrow with your membership fee.