Christmas Presents and looking ahead to next year!

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Once you get pass the age of 40 it always surprise me what my relations buy me for Christmas, this year I end up with new RSF sweat shirt which I will wear with some pride, I hope you all enjoy openingĀ  your presents today and wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope to see large turnout for the South Lakes Group Walk on Boxing Day starting at 10.00am at the car park near Eaves Wood, Silverdale.

I also looking for ideals to improve the South Lakes Group of websites, so please let have your ideals, if you have any useful information would like to share with RSF members and visitors to this site why not e-mail me it, this can advise on anything to do with off-road cycling, could be address of good cafe you stop at or Bed & Bread you stop at or even article on your cycling holiday, etc…

Also in the coming year I would like to develop the news section of the site so if you putting on cycling event or haveĀ  some cycling news which will interest RSF members and visitors to the websites do please e-mail to me so that I can posted up on the news section of the site.

Also at this time of the year all four Area Secretaries are looking ideals for each of the four groups events programme, you help my volunteering to lead ride, or organize a camping or youth hostel weekend or just let your Area Secretary know what you want to do next year! If you live in North Wales Area I know Stuart Evans would like some members to help by leading some North Wales Group rides next year so if you think you can help please ring your area secretary.

I am also looking for member willing to organize Bank Holiday weekend camps and maybe set up a camping group for the RSF if you interest please contact one of the area secretaries or Peter Kenner the RSF General Secretary.

If you reading this post and do not live near RSF local group why not start one up, I know that Mr K. our General Secretary currently looking for member or someone willing to start a local group in Yorkshire if you think you can help please contact him as soon as possible.

But please remember the more you put into our club the more you get out of it, so please try get out on one of the local RSF group rides in 2008 and if you not member why not join the RSF in 2008 and increase the membership of the club.