Latest updates from the Rough-Stuff Fellowship

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Well lets start with some good news 8 new members have join the Rough-Stuff Fellowship in January which brings the membership up to 553 members, where the RSF has active local groups like the South Lakes, Lancashire and North Peak & South Pennine Groups who put on most of the RSF local events, new members are joining to go out with these groups.

In January out of 11 events organize by the Rough-Stuff Fellowship 5 events were organize by the South Lakes Group, 2 events by the Lancashire Group, 2 events by the North Peak & South Pennine Group, 1 event by Home Counties Group and 1 event by the Vagabonds Group.

One comment which was made on Singletrack bike forum sum up why we would have more members joining if we had more local groups in other parts of the UK “Shame your group is far away!” this was comment about photos of the Lancashire Group 14th February ride to Gargrave. With modern technology like the digitalĀ  camera and the internet its a lot easier to inform the world what local RSF groups are doing when I first started the South Lakes Group in 1993, so if you member and don’t live near local group why not start group up this year! If you member and live near a local group why not volunteer to lead a ride this year or write up ride report for the journal and the website.

After ten years of being the Journal Distribution Officer John BedwellĀ  will be standing down from this position at the AGM at Easter and would like thank him for all the hard work his done, so the committee is looking willing volunteer or volunteers to take over from John.

Also the committee is looking for member willing take over has New Membership Secretary or the duties will split between myself and Peter Kenner. I have been New Membership Secretary for four years taking over from late John Matthews, I found it increasing difficult being the New Membership Secretary as well being the Area Secretary for South Lakes Group and the webmaster of this website. So I have decide to step down has the New Membership Secretary to give me more time to running the South Lakes Group which has rides every weekend and this website which has on average eight major updates per month. I agree that I would continue to manage the RSF membership database and print the journal address labels and Peter agree to be the New Membership Secretary, put we would like a member to volunteer to become New Membership Secretary at the AGM, you must have some knowledge of using database software if interest please contact me or Peter for more information.

This year Autumn Meet will be at Arnside Youth Hostel on the second weekend of October.

On the 28th February I shall be attending the Cumbria Cycle Tourism Co-ordination Meeting. The agenda for this meeting is:

  1. Apologies
  2. Note of Previous Meeting.
  3. Cycle Branding.
  4. Cycle Cumbria Website.
  5. Cycling Development Officer update.
  6. Publications update.
  7. Route development update.
  8. A.O.B.
  9. Date of next meeting.