Modification Order to part of right way Bridleway 206008 in Bassenthwaite Parish

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I just received e-mail via Mat Hodges from Victoria Senior, Countryside Administrator South, Lake District National Park Authority, concerning the downgrading of part of bridleway 206008 in Bassenthwaite Parish in Cumbria down to footpath. The part of the bridleway which will be downgrade to footpath will be from map ref NY 23503230 to map ref NY 24523277, for more information read pdf file below, if you wish to object to the order this must made in writing to Lake District National Park Authority no later than 2 June 2008.

The Rough-Stuff Fellowship will not be objecting to this as there is alternative Bridleway route via BW206009 & BW206015 which is about 200 metres longer and it reduces potential conflict between walkers, cyclists and horse riders