Membership, Changes to the RSF committee and researching the site

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On 31st March membership of the Rough-Stuff Fellowship stood at 561 members which is bit of improvement from the start of the year and also nice to see that 17 new members have join so far this year.

Also noticed from the site stats that someone been using to research what words we use on the site, I wonder why? Its worth having look at just have play on the search engine and type in your favourite  website and see the top ten words use on the site.

I have not had time to update the About the RSF Section of the site with the changes to the RSF Committee after the AGM at Easter. So here they are: John Kemp is the New Membership Secretary, Geoff and Lynne Rowbotham are the Public Relations and Advertising Officers and Calum Mc Roberts has taken over from John Bedwell has the Journal Distribution Officer.

In finishing did you know every time the Rough-Stuff Fellowship get a local group going membership of the RSF increase by 30 to 40 members.