Rough-Stuff Fellowship Approved runs leaders

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The following members listed below are authorised by the committee of the Rough-Stuff Fellowship to lead rides for the following local area groups of the Rough-Stuff Fellowship:

For the Lancashire Group: Brian Parkinson, Brian Marsh, Charles (Charlie) Hall,  Don Dalton, Nick Lay, Peter Kenner, Rob Burrow, Ken Glaze, Anne Thompson, Dougie Heaven, Steve Gregson, Keith Watson and Miriam Trickett.

For the South Lakes Group: Simeon Orme, Fred Lloyd, Pat Lloyd, Peter Kenner, Cliff Brown, Bryan Lynch, Barrie Usherwood, Nick Lay, Charles (Charlie) Hall, Don Dalton, Steve Gregson.

For the Vagabonds Group: George Berwick, Margaret Berwick.

For the North Peak and South Pennines Group: John Kemp, Grayham Simpson, Malcolm Lomas (Sol), Richard Kemp, Reid Anderson.

For the Home Counties Group: Alex Flinders, Steve Griffith, Charles Harvey, Bob McHardy.

In addition to the above all Directors of the Rough-Stuff Fellowship Limited and Committee members of the Rough-Stuff Fellowship are authorised to lead rides.

You should note that ride is only official Rough-Stuff Fellowship Ride when it is listed on the Rough-Stuff Fellowship national Website or Local Area Group Website or printed in the current Rough-Stuff Journal or organized by Area Secretary or a Director of the Rough-Stuff Fellowship Limited.

To be authorize runs leader you must be member of the Rough-Stuff Fellowship Limited for over one year and must show that you can lead a ride to one of the following an Area Secretary or Director or the General Secretary of the Rough-Stuff Fellowship Limited.