The weekly rant ‘1’

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Well I have not decided yet if I am going to ride to start of South Lakes Group ride yet this all depends on if I am going to be ask my boss if I can work first thing on Saturday morning, has one of the lads at work who had put his name down to work on Saturday morning decide he had cold and he was to ill to work, so he when home today.

Anyway this nothing to do with you, its just means I may have to rake some bunkers first thing on Saturday morning before driving up to the start of the ride. This one of the joys of being a Greenkeeper on Golf Course at this time of year!

Anyway getting back to ride on Saturday I hoping we may have two new recruits on the ride has I had two people e-mail me this week about coming out with the South Lakes Group, one was from Millom and other is from Milnthorpe.

One of topic of conversation on the South Lakes Group last Saturday was the photo on the back cover of the May-June issue of the Rough-Stuff Journal of track beside theĀ  River Teign in Devon taken by the Editor of the Journal. I must agree with the general opinion of the other three members on the ride that it was boring photo and should never been on the back cover of the journal, if you agree with this please e-mail, phone or write to the Editor and let him know what you think about the photos in the Journal.

I must point out that the Editor does do good job of getting the journal out on time but the readship of the journal has gone down over the past few years and its not the heart of the club has use to be before the internet and e-mail but its still important part of the club for some our members who don’t live or go out with the local groups.

I find the main reason most new members over the past few years who join the RSF is to go out with one of the local groups, has you can see from the photos on the South Lakes Group, Lancashire Group and North Peak and South Pennine Group sections of the South Lakes Website that number of members who are going out with these groups is increasing each year and in other parts of the UK where the RSF does not have any local groups membership is falling!

I think I have written enough so please do comment if you agree or disagree with me and hope to see you at the start of the South Lakes Group ride on Saturday