The Weekly rant ‘2’

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I hope you all enjoy the cycling last weekend, the aim of this weekly rant which I write for the site’s new e-newsletter ‘Where the Cafe?’ and post on The members and site blog as well! Is to generate debate with fellow members of the Rough-Stuff Fellowship and visitors to South Lakes Group  of websites, you may agreed or disagreed with what I got say but do take five minutes to write comment about it or if you have good ideal lets hear about it!

The ideal for ‘Where the Cafe?’ e-newsletter came from RSF new Public Relations Officers which I through was good ideal! So if you reading this on the members and site blog why not sign up for the weekly e-newsletter and see what you missing!

Did you see the new RSF Ad in the June-July issue of Cycle on page 70 what did you think about it? Also did you see bit about the Lune Cycleways on page 25 and page 26.

In Walk the Magazine of the Ramblers’ Association on page 50 there article on wild swiming and link to this site which interest certain person who come out with the South Lakes Group.

Anyway getting back to the South Lakes Group websites, last month the sites had 45,500 pages download and 33,916 unique visits. Also the site’s  main domain name is rank at 297,742 in the UK by Alexa the web information company, these stats show that increasing number of people are visting the sites.

Regarding my comments about photos in last week’s ‘rant’ I have set up Flickr group for the South Lakes Group and afraid if you want to post anything on this group you have to be  invite to join myself or Barrie. Other Area Secretaries may like to set up a Flickr group for their area group. It gives a chance for members post up photos taken on area group rides.

Well its six months to start of the Christmas Dinner season, well I would like to know if you would like me to organize a Christmas Dinner this year for the South Lakes Group and how many members would interest in coming to it! Should this be joint affair with the Lancashire Group so let have some feedback on this!

So hope to see you all on the South Lakes Group Ride on Saturday and hoping better turn out of more than four members that we had on last Saturday South Lakes Group, the other three riders did put me to shame by riding to the start of the ride which alot more of us will be doing in the future with the price of fuel going up! Also if price continue to go up we have start looking having youth hostel and camping weekends away in next year events programme for the South Lakes Group.