Urgent Protest: Cyclists & Pedestrians Needed!

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SLACC and KDCS joint Riverside Route Protest Saturday 14th June, 11:00 to 11:30 am County Hall Offices, Kendal LA9 4RQ

We are calling on all cyclists and pedestions to UNITE and join us in protesting against the County Council’s decison to scrap the Riverside pedestrian and cycle path through Kendal, in favour of 40 car parking spaces, by gathering for half an hour outside county offices in Kendal this Saturday and making our views known.

The whole scheme is now hanging by a thread. With your help we can reverse this decision and get the project back on track. We need as many people to turn up this Saturday to protest. Only a strong show of support will convince councillors to reverse this decison. SLACC will ensure we get good press coverage and will also invite councillors etc.

If you want to better cycling provision in Kendal please come along for Half an hour to join us. We need to unite to ensure the seven councillor who opposed the scheme in favour of 40 parking spaces know how unpopular a decision this is. We need a big show like we had for the cycle ride through Kendal in support of the cycle demonstration town when around 150 cyclists responded and turn up.

Please forward this on to as many people as possible. Circulate it far and wide and lets show Council that Kendal is serious about cycling by uniting en masse outside county hall and making some noise!

If you want to ride to the County Offices as part of a group, we are meeting at 10.45am on the Saturday at Abbot Hall car park and will cycle along the Riverside Route to County Hall where we will protest. This cycle ride is not offically part of the protect action, and is not organised by SLACC or KDCS, but by indivduals, so it is up to you as individuals weather you want to take part in it, though we would encourage you to do so.

More info about how we can reverse the decison: As you are no doubt aware, on Tuesday 3rd June this week South Lakes County Councillors met to discuss the proposed  pedestrian/cycle Riverside Route through Kendal. Conservative councillors formed a block vote to oppose the route (though some, to their credit, abstained), and were joined by some lib dems. The meeting was poorly attended, and the route was rejected, 7 councillors voting against and 3 for.

The councillors rejected the New Road part of the scheme on the basis that 40 car parking spaces would be lost, and that this would have a negative impact on the economy of Kendal (sic). We take the view that 40 car parking spaces are irrelevant, will have np effect on the economy, and that the benefit of a swanky new pedestrain and cycle path through the town, along with lots of groovy cyclists and families using it, will boost tourism and the economy far more 40 car parking spaces!

The New Road section of the schene costs £325,000, and is the cornerstone of the whole development. Without it, it is unlikely to survive. There were three public consultations, at which public and councillors were invited to attend to raise concerns/go over the  scheme. Why didn’t councillors come to public  meetings to express their views? They have ignored the democratic process and instead done this behind closed doors. They have also ignored the advice of the Kendal Tactical Traffic Group who approved the scheme.

We looking forward to seeing you there!


Sonny Khan, South Lakes Action on Climate  Tel: 01539-740694 e-mail sonnykhan@(removethis)hotmail.co.uk and Liz Ashburn, Kendal & District Cycle Scene, e-mail liz.ashburn@(removethis)phonecoop.coop

The above was e-mail to me today it sounds to me that several Cumbria County Councillors have lost the plot! The South Lakes Group supports any improvement in the cycle network in Kendal and if you in the area please support the protest.