South Lakes Flickr Group, Members Area and weekly rant!

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The South Lakes Flickr Group is up and running at this link with myself and Barrie posting several photos up already! The ideal of starting flickr group for the South Lakes Group was give members of the Group opportunity to post photos up on to flickr group which offer different take of what the South Lakes Group rides are about from those seen in the photo gallaries of South Lakes Group Website. To join the Flickr group, send me or Barrie a e-mail so that we can send you e-mail inviting you to join from Flickr.

Few members having been asking me posting photo of each member of the South Lakes Group up on site with their name and phone number or e-mail address so other members can contact them. The only way of doing this is having password protected area which I set up on the South Lakes Group Website as the ‘members area’ and issue each member with user name in case of those members on the Where the Cafe? e-newletter mailing list this will be your e-mail address and for other South Lakes Group members who don’t have e-mail address for this will be your full name on the RSF membership list and password will your RSF membership number. Only members who have User Name and password for this area is myself and Barrie,  the only thing so far in the members area is photo of Nick Lay, so in coming week I will issue user name and password for each member of the group so they can view this area.

I will add members area  to other area group sites if requested to do so my Area Secretary of that Group.

I would welcome some feedback from members what they like to see in members area!

Now getting on to the weekly rant about something or nothing, I wish alot more people when e-mailing a group of friends would use the bcc setting in the e-mail address box in Outlook Express or Thunderbird or what e-mail client you use. If you use this setting it send blind copy of the e-mail to each of your friends and does not show list of e-mail address you sent it to as does in the cc: or to: settings in the e-mail address box of the e-mail client you use. If we all did this bit more often we cut down on the amount of spam we all receive each day!

Hope to see you all on the South Lakes Group ride on Sunday!