Birthday Boy, York Cycle Show, Members Area and the weekly Rant about something!

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A little bird told me that our General Secretary had celebrated his 35th birthday againĀ  last week, it should had click that it was Peter birthday when he bought the morning tea and cakes a fortnight ago on the ride anyway congratulations from your friends at the South Lakes Group.

Anyway I will come clean after embarrassing Mr K. about his birthday, I will be 44 year old on the 23rd of next month so plenty birthday cards please! Also its important year for my parents with my Mum celebrating being 70 years old in September and Fred celebrated his 80th birthday in May plus both of them are still cycling so hope you come to the party they holding for members after committee meeting on the Saturday evening of the Autumn Meet weekend.

Yes we will be having stand at York Cycle Show and this year it will be manage by Peter Kenner(This section as be edited for reasons why click link) So if you going to show this weekend if you are please go and say hello to Peter and offer to help out behind the stand for hour or so!

One thing that was highlighted at last year’s York Cycle Show that allot of visitors to the stand would have join the RSF if there was local RSF group in the North Yorkshire Area. This is major problem for the RSF in most parts of the UK finding members willing to start area groups up if there no area groups operating where they live visitors to the stand will not join, has I said before on this blog there only few members who join just to read the Rough-Stuff Journal most join to go out with the local group.

So if you live in the York area and you are member why not go have chat with Peter about starting area group for the York Area.

Our New Membership Secretary just e-mail the updated membership list today it was disappointing to see that membership was down to 540 members from 561 members in March. Again this highlight another problem at national level the RSF is not very good at marketing itself you just have to look at the RSF national website to see why! You now know why the South Lakes, Lancashire, North Wales and North Peak & South Pennine Groups have their own web sites for! yes you correct for marketing and selling them self’s, also show visitors to each site what each group get up to on day out. Yes its major step for visitor to the site to phone or e-mail the Area Secretary and ask can he or she can come out with the group but I wish more visitors to sites would ring me or John or Brian or Stuart and ask!

You may have notice that I have now post up the Members Area on the South Lakes Group website this will be link in other three group websites to access this area you first click the sign up button(that below the log in area) on the home page of the members area which take you to the sign up page choose screen name ie this could be your own name and password once you done this the email address you specified on the Signup page will receive an email with the subject Account Activation (Forum Account) then click the link to activate account, then go back to the login area on the members area home and in the login dialog type your e-mail address and password once you done this you can access the other pages in the members area and also use the members forum.

If you not going to York Cycle Show I hope to see you on Sunday in Kirkby Stephen at the start of South Lakes Group ride we will do some tracks around the Upper Eden Valley.