Oh dear I have upset someone!

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Unfortunately I have gone upset someone with some of my weekly rants on this blogs and in the e-newsletter which I send out each Thursday evening to those of you on the mailing list and he was not brave enough to leave a comment on this blog or even phone me up, he sent me a e-mail which is guarantee to wind me up! I hate relying to these e-mails you have choice you have a laugh about it and then delete it or spend hour or so writing a rely which could easily been sort out in five minute chat on the phone. So I  wrote a rely.

The theme of his e-mail that I should not use this blog or Where the Cafe e-newsletter for ‘Criticising other RSF officials behind their back is contray to the spirit of the Fellowship’ yes I may have done so! I did call the photo on the back of the current Journal boring but the photo on the back cover of the March-April issue was great photo taken by Tracey Maund but that my personal opinion and that what good blog is all about! Yes I did encourage you all to complain but its your club but the editor can use only the material you send him and there also photo library on the four area group websites of over 3,000 photos which he could use but at end of the day what is good photo is down to your personal choice.

Yes I did criticise previous public relations officers for not attending the York Cycle Show which I do apologize for but why is so important to go, well you get allot members of the public who happen to be cyclists and RSF members coming up to the stand and telling you what they think about the club and sometimes they have some great ideals which you can use.

Well my attack on the RSF national website I will leave it up to you to decide if I am right or wrong about it!  I should point out the RSF was one of the first national cycling clubs to have one!

In ending my e-mailer said ‘I’m sure most of us would be quite open to constructive criticism’ I think most people would like you to use the phone if you going to criticize them and not e-mail.

In ending this post, yes I going to upset someone even if I don’t try do so when I writing one of my weekly rants about something but at end of the day you have the right of rely at the bottom of this post to comment if you agreed or disagreed with me.