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One of the problems I have now which I did not have when first started the South Lakes Group web site in 2001, is that the site has grown from being a site about the South Lakes Group to web site spread across three domain sites and seven sub domain sites plus the local RSF Groups Forum web site. So a major headache for me is how to link all eleven sections into single homepage what to call this home page with out upsetting users, I did have go doing this last year and got a lot of negative feedback from the page I put up, so I chose the easy option of what on home page of www.rsfnorth.org.uk this is link page to the various sections of the website.

So with the success of British Cycle Team at the Olympics, I think there need to improve this page and increase the number hits it get per month, so far month this page as received 96 hits, so how do this with out upsetting to many users like I did last year.

I think the way forward for this page is to promote the fact that the South Lakes Group, the Lancashire Group, the North Peak and South Pennine Group and the North Wales Group are part of network of local off-road cycle touring clubs for people who enjoy off-road leisure cycling or mountain biking and also make the point that once person has join the national club that they can go out with any group in the RSF network off-road cycling and mountain biking groups. You may argue that the Rough-Stuff Fellowship website does this already but the aim of Rough-Stuff Fellowship website is about selling membership in the Rough-Stuff Fellowship and promoting the national club where local groups websites are focus on trying promote fact that its cool, fun and exciting to go out on ride with your local RSF Group.

So what I am proposing do is change the Rsfnorth.org.uk home page into more search engine friendly page promoting fact that once you join the national club you can go out with any local group in the network and also its cool, fun and exciting to go out on ride with your local RSF Group.

So what do you think about this ideal? You can leave your comments about this post in the rely box at the bottom of this post.