The websites can you help?

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Over past few years the various  South Lakes websites have grown to become heart of the Rough-Stuff Fellowship community in Northern England, some members may disgreed with me and say the heart of the club is still the Rough-Stuff Journal but for some members this is case!

Anyway what ever your opinion on this is, its getting stage where I need some help in running the websites, so looking form a small mangement committee to steer the websites on to next stage of development, I should point out that the websites are not own  by the club and the running costs come out of my back pocket and through advertising which generate about £65.00 a year through Goggle AdSense which I am looking to improve on!The web hosting is with 1&1 and currently have 1&1 home webhosting package which cost around £5 per month plus vat.

If you interest in being member of the mangement committee, please e-mail me at simeonorme[at] You don’t have expert on the web, put I am looking for members who willing help with website publicity(this is mostly posting on cycling forums and takes about hour to do each week), developing site content, looking at improving advertising income, looking at ways of getting discounts and benefits for members, taking on the editorship of the weekly e-newsletter (which takes about hour to do each week) and hope this give you some ideal what management committee is going to be about! The main aim of the websites is build community of cyclists who interest in off-road cycle touring in Northern England

Hopeful if there enough interest the first meeting will at end of June or begining of July.