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Dear All,

We are hoping to hold a sponsored walk, to take place Saturday 19th May 2007, with a BBQ to follow on the Saturday afternoon and evening. The hopes are that such an event will give members of the Trust, both young and old, a chance to meet each other and the committee members and strengthen ties at this early stage in the Trust’s life. Sponsorship money will go towards the operating costs of Tyncornel and to help fund any future purchase of Dolgoch.

The plan is to hold two simultaneous walks: one short walk at approximately 5-6 miles and one longer walk at approximately 14-15 miles. Both walks will begin on Saturday morning at Dolgoch Youth Hostel. Each of the walks will finish at Tyncornel, where a BBQ will be ongoing from mid-afternoon. On the Friday and Saturday nights we hope to put up as many people as possible at the two hostels, with the possibility of camping at Tyncornel. If the numbers exceed the capacity of the two hostels, then we shall pass on details of B&B’s in the area (Places at the hostels will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis). Our main concern is that people of all ages take part, particularly young people, whose interest the Trust has served in saving Tyncornel for the future. If you have children or grandchildren who could manage the distance of 5-6 miles from Dolgoch-Tyncornel then please bring them along: the streams and mountains of the Elenydd can be an exciting place for children!

If you are interested in taking part, please complete the application form ( you e-mail me or Jeffrey Matthews for an application  form Simeon) electronically and send it to Jeffrey Matthews:

Email: *

Once we have an idea of the numbers involved we shall email with an itinerary, sponsor form and details of the prices for overnights and the BBQ (we will try to keep this to a minimum).

Best Wishes,

JJ Matthews.