Cycling Cafes information

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The e-mail below landed in my inbox yesterday can you help:

Hi Simeon,

I hope you don’t mind me contacting you. I am a freelance journlist writing a feature for Cycling Plus magazine looking at the growing popularity of cycling cafes.

I notice in your text on the ‘Celebrating Cycling’ web site that your club stops at cafes asĀ  part of the regime, and I wonder: a) If you can recommend any cafes in your locality that are well geared up to cyclists (and why) b) If you or any of your fellow riders would be happy to email me some comment on why cafes form an integral part of your cycling (is it the most important part?) and what makes a good cafe for cyclists?

I do need to get all input in before July 30th 2010. Please let me know If you can help.

Best Nicola Smith

You can contact Nicola by e-mail at nicola[at] or on 01326 314949