Government is planning to sell off all our forests

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Peter Kenner the General Secretary of the Rough-Stuff Fellowship e-mail me about the campaign that the website are running to stop the goverment from selling off all  our Forests in England which are own by us the taxpayer and not by the goverment, these forests are manage on our behalf by the Forest Commisson in England which Caroline Spelman the Environment Secretary and Jim Paice the Enviroment Minister should remember.

Anyway why should we be worry about this sale? well locally in the North West of England there is purpose built mountain biking trails in Gisburn, Grizedale and Whinlatter Forests, well I can’t see any new owner wanting maintain visitors centres or signage or the trails unless they can make alot of money out of it don’t take my word for it read ‘Fight the goverment’s forest sell-off by Caroline Lucas of the Guardian at this link.

What can we do about it, well first we can all sign up save our forests petition at this link, then write a letter to your local MP asking them not to support plan sell off and then may be write another letter to the two fools who are trying push this through Parliament ie Caroline Spelman and Jim Paice. The more folk who do this the less change the plan sell off will happen.

What do you think about the plan sell off of our forests? As could really curtail a lot of our off road access in England.