Arnside Viaduct – Cycle & Walkway Proposal

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Arnside railway viaduct is having some engineering work done to it in the next few months and there is a pressure group now called ATOG (Arnside to Grange) that has been set up by small group of local enthusiasts who are keen to get the first stages of cantilelever attachment added during the engineering works to accommodate a future possible cycle & walkway on the viaduct. Sustrans are negotiating with Network Rail and are hoping to at least get brackets put on the side of the structure so that the cantilevers can be added at later date to support the path way.

You can get in touch with ATOG at atog2011[at] E-mails of support from locals, not so locals, especially cycling, running, rambling groups would be much appreciated.

Eventually it is hoped to get sponsorship from local busnesses and organisations for each cantelever.