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As I reported last week on the What’s Page of this website I’ve was instructed by e-mail by the secretary of the Lancashire Group Brian Parkinson to remove the Lancashire Group content from this website which I have just about done, you can find information about the group in the local groups section of the Rough-Stuff Fellowship website. I will continue post information about Lancashire Group events and other RSF local groups events on this site’s Diary of Rough-Stuff Fellowship local group events in the UK and in the weekly e-newsletter which I send out each Thursday evening. The only comment I am going to say about the Lancashire Group move to the RSF website is that its not ideal format for a local group of the RSF that organizes 11 events each month through out the year, I think they would better serve with a website of there own which would cost around £100 a year to run depending which hosting company they when with and leave it at that!

With the departure of the Lancashire Group from this website, I going to spend the next few months reorganizing the site moving content about the Rough-Stuff Fellowship from the Easter Meet Section, the Autumn Meet Section and About the RSF Section of this website into larger Diary of Rough-Stuff Fellowship local group events section on the website, this would tidy up the coverage which this website give to the Rough-Stuff Fellowship.

Also going to rewrite the Where’s Brew Stop? Home page to reflect what the whole website is about, the main focus of the site will be on the photography, on what local RSF local groups are doing like the South Lakes Group and the Northern Peak & South Pennine Group, on cyclist’s cafes, on off-road cycling routes and improving the useful information section.

Other News 

I would take this opportunity to thank Rachel and Matt of the celebrating cycling team at Lancaster City Council for all their hard work over past few years improving cycling in North Lancashire as they will leaving the cycling team at the Council at end of the month due to end of the celebrating cycling project, the celebrating cycling website will remain live after end of the project.

I was sad hear that RSF member Matt Hodges as resign as chairman of Lancaster and South Lakes CTC users group this week, we may see him on a few South Lakes Group ride in the future.

It also look like the RSF will have Public Relations Officer as Peter Stray as volunteer to do the job after the position  had been vacant for the past few years.

If you thinking about donating to charity in the next few months Sustrans are looking more funds due to closure of Cycling England at end of month which allocated a large amount of their funding, you can find more information about there appeal at this link.

If you not sign the Woodland Trust’s on-line petition to protect the UK’s ancient woodland, you find more information about the petition at this link.

If you in doing these sort of events There a Coronary Coaster C2C ride 2011 using the Reivers Route on the 16th & 17th of July from Whitehaven to Tynemouth in 2 days, via the beautiful forests of Whinlatter & Kielder and staying halfway at the lovely Old bailey Mill Hotel. The Entry fee is £60 which goes to four charities (Coronary Care Unit at Lancaster Infirmary, Unique Kids and Co, The Steve Prescott Foundation and the 2012 Paralympics) Accommodation: Dinner, Bed and Breakfast £40 or Camping, Dinner and Breakfast £20. There 40 places available and transport and some refreshments are included more information about the event from Ian Mercer at i.mercer[at]