Lancaster Cycle Forum

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Following on from the cycling demonstration project, the Lancashire County Council as decide to set up a Lancaster and Morecambe Cycle Forum. The first meeting will be at the Gregson Institute on Moor Lane on Wednesday 26th June at 6pm.

Agenda for the first meeting

  1. Welcome to group and introductions.
  2. Purpose of group –terms of reference.
  3. Review of current situation: Successes of cycling demonstration project. What else do we need to do?
  4. Infrastructure Programme.
  5. Promotional activities, including cycle training.
  6. Activities by employers and cycle groups to promote cycling.

Terms of Reference of the Forum


To increase cycling levels in the district.


1] To enable all types of cyclists.

  • To input into future plans to increase cycle use and safety in the district.
  • To input into cycling, transport, development and other proposals that effect cycling in the district.
  • To input promotional plans.
  • To raise significant issues that are concern to them.

2] To coordinate the activities of the two councils, employers, the third sector and voluntary groups to promote cycling.

3] Review progress in increasing cycle use and improving cycle safety in the district.


The membership will vary from meeting to meeting, but include: Cycling organisations, Local cycle campaign groups, Cycle Clubs, People who cycle to major employers in the area, Cycle related businesses and Social enterprises, Schools, Major employers and Officers from County and City Councils.

The group also welcomes the views of new and infrequent cyclists, students and young people.

Meeting frequency

The forum will meet 2 or 3 times a year.

So what do you think about this new body for cycling in North Lancashire area? I shall going to the first meeting of forum.