Good Cycling Code

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Here your change comment on the Good Cycling Code (see below) which could form part of the cycling branding for publications in Cumbria. I have been asked for members views on this and do think it would encourage more understanding and tolerance across the different road users.

Good Cycling Code

Thank you for cycling! The bike is the most efficient and environmentally friendly form of transport invented.

Obey the rules of the road

Always follow the Highway Code

Be Courteous

Give way to pedestrians.

Remember that some people are hard of hearing or visually impaired. Don’t assume they can see or hear you

Where you meet horse riders or wheelchair users pleaseĀ  give way.

Ring your bell or call out to warn of your approach; acknowledge people who give way to you.

Care for the enviroment

Can you reach the start of your journey by bike or public transport?

Follow the Countryside Code, in particular, respect crops, livestock and wildlife and take litter home.

Cycle on roads, byways, bridleways and cycle paths not footpaths.

Look after yourself

Take special care at junctions, when cycling downhill andĀ  on loose surfaces.

In remote areas carry food, repair kit, map and waterproofs.

Keep your bike roadworthy: use lights in poor visibility.

Consider wearing a helmet and bright clothing.