Arnside to Grange Cycle & Footpath

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Dear interested supporter,

You were kind enough to give support to ATOG earlier this year. This was much appreciated.

Sadly we came to the re-building of the viaduct too late to include in the work which has just finished the footpath and cycle track linking Arnside and Grange. We did however manage to draw attention to this project, and the local authority survey earlier this year showed that there is considerable support.

We are not disheartened, and will press on with the campaign! We understand that the viaduct repairs do include provision for the addition of a walkway at a future date. What is now needed is the careful preparation of robust plans; to address the needs for approval of plans and most importantly consider how the funds needed might be raised in these difficult times.

The government has launched a new scheme to help fund projects in coastal communities.

Coastal communities across the United Kingdom will receive a multi-million pound boost each year from a new Coastal Communities Fund, the Chancellor and Chief Secretary to the Treasury, announced today. This new fund will be financed by the Government through the allocation of funding equivalent to 50 per cent of the revenues from the Crown Estate’s marine activities.

This new fund is designed to support the economic development of coastal communities and will support a wide range of projects, including those that support charities, the environment, education and health. Examples could include support for developing renewable energy, improving skills or environmental safeguarding or improvement.

This could be a helpful. We also want to work closely with charities likely to be interested including Sustrans, The Ramblers Association and the local authorities. We could expect to get involved in local fund raising schemes and seek individual donations from supporters and interested parties.

So it is time to make ATOG more formal, and we are working on a constitution and seeking members and supporters. Adrian Waddingham, Geoff Kirkham and Stuart Reid are working on a constitution and are meeting in Arnside at 10.00 on Friday 12th August at the Laura Lee’s Cafe coffee shop. You are welcome to come along. We expect to have further meetings around the bank holiday in late August. You can also express interest and introduce other supporters on

Many thanks for your support,

Adrian Waddingham

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