Minutes of 29th June 2011 meeting of the Lancaster Cycle Forum

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Ian Welsby Public Realm Manager Area North, Lancashire County Council

Alasdair Simpson, Sustainable Travel, Lancashire County Council

Gary Bowker, Regeneration and Projects, Lancaster City Council

Rob Lowe, Dynamo

Dick Follows, Dynamo

Daren Chandisingh, Saltayre Cogset

Paul Andrews, Saltayre Cogset

Peter Edge, CTC, Sustrans Ranger, Wray Parish Council

David Bedding, Sustrans Ranger

Sergeant Tristan Heawood, Lancashire Police

Philip Longton, Lancaster University

Rachel Scott,

Damian Bonsall, CTC Bike Club

Simeon Orme, Rough Stuff Fellowship

Peter Kenner, Rough Stuff Fellowship

Nick Hewitt

Jenn Hutton, Cumbria University

Annie Cousins, Sustrans Bike it

Kathy Bashford, Sustrans Bike it

Kate Usher, Bike it Supporter

1) Apologies (received after the meeting)

Stuart Glover Sport and Leisure, Lancaster City Council

2) Terms of Reference


Aim changed to " to more people cycling more often more safely in Lancaster and Morecambe area"

Slight changes to wording of point 2

3) Current situation

Alasdair Simpson summarised success of cycling demonstration project as

· Increased cycle use

· Opening of Morecambe Promenade to cyclists

· Improved cycle access to Lancaster City Centre

· High levels of cycle use at Lancaster University

· BIke it Project

End of Project Report for Cycling England distributed with minutes

4) What do we need to do next

Suggestions included

· Extend Lune Valley Cycle Path to Wray. Land and funding were issues, though there were large tourism benefits

· Continue 20 mph programme. County Council spending £9m over 3 years on sign only 20 mph speed limits in all residential streets and outside schools

· Do more to restrain car use e.g. closing rat runs, reducing parking spaces, enforcement of traffic regulation orders

5) Capital Programme


Lancashire County Council’s Draft Implementation Plan of new transport schemes would be published on the web in late July. There would be six weeks for people to comment, before approval of the plan in September. The plan should be available via the following weblink:


The Local Sustainable Transport Fund was the Government new £560m fund to. Support sustainable transport over 4 years. Lancashire had made a major.bid of £13.7m details of which were available on. http://www3.lancashire.gov.uk/corporate/atoz/a_to_z/service.asp?u_id=3488&tab=1

If the bid was successful money would be available from June 2012.

Lancaster City Council were part of a consortium for a separate bid aiming to increase cycling to educational establishments led by Sustrans and Devon.

Individual schemes

Heysham / Westgate School Links

Lancaster City Council had been offered a grant of £ 136,000 by Sustrans for a school links scheme. This was matched by £69,000 developer contribution from Morecambe FC. The proposed scheme included

a) Cycle path at the back of Heysham High School

b) Extension of cycle path on Westgate over the railway bridge to Buckingham Road

c) Signing of an inland route on quiet roads from Morecambe to Heysham

Developer funded schemes

There was developer funding from Sainsburys in Morecambe for cycle facilities and from a new primary care centre in Heysham for a toucan crossing of Middleton Way which would link to St Peter’s Primary School

Lune Aqueduct

British Waterway’s Heritage Lottery scheme to restore the Aqueduct included a ramp from the canal towpath to riverside cycle path

Denny Beck, .Bridge Halton

Work should be complete by the end of July

Crook O’Lune East Bridge

It was hoped to have a temporary solution to reopen the bridge in place in the autumn subject to planning permission. Funding for a long term solution was being investigated

6) Operation Chainguard

Sergeant Tristan Heawood from Lancashire Police gave a talk on a proposed scheme to bar code bikes with registration details to help reduce cycle theft..

Bike theft was a problem both locally and nationally. 7.5 bicycles are stolen a day in Lancashire. 60% of victims of cycle crime stop cycling. Detection rates are very low. Storage of recovered bikes is a problem for the police.

It proposed to introduce a system to bar code bikes in Lancaster and Morecambe which would be linked to a data base where police officers could scan in details.

There would be a £5 fee for the service

Sergeant Heawood was interested in working with partners to promote the scheme e.g. through events

The scheme was also looking at offender rehabilitation and support for victims of cycle crime e.g. training course on recycling bicycles

7) Promotion

Bike it

Sustrans had funding to extend the Bike it project for another 9 months subject to the City Council being able to fund it to another 3 months. This would mean the project would continue till July 2012

Lancaster Schools had done well in Sustrans’ Big Pedal with 9 schools in the top 100 and Silverdale coming third nationally


City Council had been offered funding for 900 Bikeability places by the Department for Transport. This was subject to Cabinet decision to accept the grant on 26 July.

Lancaster University

In 2011 Travel survey cycling to work by staff had grown to 14.1% of all staff.. Female staff cycling to work was up 35%. Of 2000 staff, 22.1% males cycled and 8% females cycled to work

Green Lancaster

Green Lancaster ran a scheme to sell low cost bike to students at Lancaster University. 206 bikes had been sold to students since October 2009, 143 were recycled bikes from Pedal Power. 84% of people purchasing bicycles said they planned to use the bikes to get to university

City Centre

There was enthusiasm for doing a city centre cycling event using outside sponsorship

Action Interested parties to meet before next forum to discuss

Pump Track

Pump Tracks were popular with teenagers. A pump track in Blackpool was very successful attracting large number of teenager

More information: http://bikeclub.org.uk/2011/03/30/mereside-pump-track-comes-to-blackpool/

There was interest in opening a pump track at Ridge Estate Estimated cost £17000

 Next Meeting

Gregson Institute, Moor Lane, Lancaster

1800 hours Monday 10th October