Where were you on Saturday ?

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One of the old problems on South Lakes Group rides is the lack of members on the ride, this surface again on last Saturday ride from Ashes Lane near Staveley, with me being the only person on ride, usually the problem can be sort out with good set ride photos on the website showing everyone what they miss on the ride. So if you thinking about coming out on South Lakes Group ride in the near future, the rides are run to suit the folk on the ride, this could mean that one week ride could be at fast pace & high mileage  and the next at slower pace & low mileage, about 50% of the time the destination on the forthcoming events page is a hope or dream where we might go as we end going some where else due to weather conditions on the day, as you may gather the ride tend to be make up as we go along, if you like sound of this why not have look at the forthcoming page on South Lakes Group Website.

Most starting points are between 5 to 15 miles from the M6, with most rides starting from local cafe where we have brew before setting off on the ride, for lunch we usually stop at side of track with good to eat our sandwiches and then stop for brew in afternoon at cafe.

With daylight hours getting shorter over next few months its good time start club cycling as the mileage is a lot lower than in the Summer months.

With around 25% of the RSF membership living in one hour driving distance of most South Lakes Group ride starts it would nice to see few more members supporting the group rides including national committee members  and maybe the RSF President.