Lancaster and Morecambe Cycle Forum Agenda at Gregson Institute Moor Lane, Lancaster at 6pm Monday 10th October 2011

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1) Welcome, introductions and apologies

2) Minutes of previous meeting

3) Understanding Cycling and Walking Research Project by Lancaster, Leeds and Oxford Brookes Universities

(web link to summary of research

4) Keeping up momentum from Cycling Demonstration Town Project (see attached table below)

5) Infrastructure

a) Current schemes (Brief comments)

· Heysham High / Westgate

· A6/A588 Pointer Roundabout

· Stonewell Toucan, Lancaster

· Chapel St contraflow cycle lane, Lancaster relocation

· Lune Aqueduct

· Lune Valley Cycle Path Extension (Bull Beck)

(see attached plans)

b) Other matters

· Cycle parking Lancaster Station

· Surfacing of canal towpath, north of Lancaster and maintenance of cycle routes

· Enforcement of parking and traffic regulations

6) Trends in cycle use

7) Promotional activities,

  • Bike it update
  • Cycle Training
  • Operation Chainguard update

8/ Activities by employers and cycle groups to promote cycling


Summary Table of Cycling in Lancaster and Morecambe area post Cycling Demonstration Town



2012 – 13 and beyond




£600,000 new cycle

infrastructure due to opened in 2011/12

· Between £100,000 and £200,000 developer funded schemes a year

· Possible funding from Local Sustainable Transport Fund, if bid is successful

· Growth in cycle use

· New developments well served by cycle facilities

· Some key corridors not served eg Lancaster to Heysham

· Cycle use likely to continue to raise over the next 5 years even if there is no investment in cycle facilities

· Diminishing returns from new investment?

· Need for more cycle parking at railway station

20 mph programme

20 mph programme

· Lower speeds in residential areas leading to pleasanter conditions for cyclists

· Need for promotion to encourage people to drive at 20 mph


Bike it programme continuing to July 2012 with funding from City Council and Sustrans

New school link to Heysham High and Westgate Primary

Limited promotion if Bike it Programme end

· Risk of declining interest from primary schools in promoting cycling leading to fewer pupils cycling to school

· Offset by increased interest in cycling from parents and continued child cycle training programme

· Need for link from Prom to Morecambe High


Promotion by two universities. More limited at other employers

· Continued promotion by universities.

· Possible support for businesses on A6 Lancaster – Galgate corridor if Local Sustainable Transport Fund bid successful

· Increased levels of cycling at universities

· Cycling at other employers likely to increase anyway due to general increase in cycling

Cycle Training

Child cycle training

· 900 a year pupils trained by City Council Bikeability programme

· County Council programme

· Child cycle training still offered by City Council?

· More children cycling to school

· No learn to cycle courses

· Need for follow up events eg ride to school days?

Adult cycle training

· 50 people a year trained by County Council in area

· Increased adult cycle training offer by County Council

· More adults with confidence to cycle on road

· No cycle maintenance course

· No beginners adult cycle rides

Youth Offer

· Salt Ayre Cog Set

· Salt Ayre Cog Set

· More children cycling

· Shortage of teenage cycle facilities eg BMX track, skate parks

Tourism Offer

· Promotion by Tourism Section

· Way of Roses Cycle route

· Continued promotion

· More people visiting area to cycle

· Economic benefit

· Need for more cycle hire



· Due to be reprinted Spring 2011

· Charge for map?


· Events run by local groups eg Wrynose or Bust

· Breakfast on the Bridge

· Events run by local groups

· Would need to be fully funded, by outside sponsors, entries fees or run by volunteers

· Olympic Games an opportunity to promote cycling

· Lancashire’s Sports Partnership June Cycling Month


· Enewsletter s by City and County Council

· Fewer press releases

· Limited PR

· Enewletters

· More promotion if Local Sustainable Transport Fund bid successful

· Opportunity for local group to produce a newsletter promoting cycling in the area on a quarterly basis?


· City and County Council websites on cycling continue to be maintained

· Cycle journey planners

· City and County Council websites on cycling continue to be maintained

· Celebrating cycling website likely to become out of date

· Opportunity for local group to set up website promoting cycling similar to Spokes website in Edinburgh


If anyone got any comments about above you can post a comment on this post or e-mail me them at simeonorme[at] or come along with me to meeting.