Crook O’Lune East Bridge to reopen

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THE bridge at the Crook O’ Lune will reopen today (Wednesday 26 October).

The listed structure was closed in March after an inspection showed problems, particularly with the timber beams supporting the deck.

The county council has carried out work to provide a new temporary bridge deck, supported by scaffolding, to allow people to use it again.

A scaffolding company has constructed a walkway, above the current bridge deck, which will be supported by the original metal arch structure beneath. The county council has then put down a non-slip surface ahead of its reopening.

The current diversion, which redirects people over the Caton Lune Bridge on Low Road, will be removed when work on the temporary bridge and some maintenance works on Caton Lune Bridge are complete.

Officers are currently exploring options to attract outside grant funding to help to pay for a refit which would be needed to completely restore the bridge.

The bridge near the Crook O’ Lune picnic site and Millennium Park carries the River Lune Cycleway which is a popular route for cyclists, walkers and horse riders.