Minutes of 10th October 2011 meeting of the Lancaster Cycle Forum

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Ian Welsby Public Realm Manager Area North, Lancashire County Council

Alasdair Simpson, Sustainable Travel, Lancashire County Council

Professor Colin Pooley, University of Lancaster

Griet Scheideman, University of Lancaster

Pat Douglass, Area North, Lancashire County Council and Sustrans Ranger Group

Matt Hodges, CTC

David Horton, University of Lancaster and Dynano

John Leach, Dynamo

Paul Andrews, Saltayre Cogset

Joy Greenwood, Sustrans Ranger

Peter Edge, CTC, Sustrans Ranger, Wray Parish Council

Simeon Orme, Rough Stuff Fellowship

Nick Hewitt , Lancaster University cycle commuter

Jennifer Hutton, Cumbria University cycle commuter

Kathy Bashford, Sustrans Bike it

Stephen Hensel, Visitor from Beliguim

1) Apologies

Gary Bowker, Regeneration and Projects, Lancaster City Council

Annie Cousins, Sustrans Bike it

2) Minutes of Previous Meeting


· Temporary gangway was now being installed on Crook O’Lune (East) Viaduct and the bridge should be reopened to cyclists and walkers before Christmas

· John Leach reinforced the point about closing rat runs.

3) Understanding Walking and Cycling

Professor Colin Pooley gave a presentation of the Understanding Walking and Cycling Project

4) Maintaining the impetus from Cycling Demonstration

Alasdair Simpson outlined progress following the ending of the Cycling Demonstration Project


· Need to keep Celebrating Cycling Website up to date. Could the County Council take it over?

· 20 mph limits were also being introduced outside schools which should help cycling to school.

5) Infrastructure

a) Capital Programme

Work on the following schemes was underway and should complete by Christmas / Early 2012

· Lune Aqueduct Ramp to Riverside Cycle Path (British Waterways)

· Extension of Lune Valley Cycle Path by about ¾ km at Bull Beck, Caton

· Extension of cycle path on Westgate and route by Heysham High (City Council / Sustrans)

The following schemes had been approved in the County Council Local Transport Implementation Plan at the start of October and should be complete by April 2012.

· Stonewell Toucan, Lancaster City Council

· A6 / A588 Pointer Roundabout, Lancaster cycle facilities

· Chapel St – relocation of contraflow cycle lane to other side of road to reduce accidents to cyclists


· Matthew Hodges suggested that New Street and part of Market Street should be open to cyclists to give them access to the traffic lights by Waterstones’ as this was a better route than Castle Hill which was cobbled

· If successful Lancashire’s Local Sustainable Transport Fund included funding for key corridors, one of which was Galgate (M6 junction) to Lancaster City Centre

· Matthew Hodges mentioned improving the canal towpath between Lancaster, Galgate and Potters Brook

b) Other Infrastructure Matters

i) Cycle parking at Lancaster Station

At present there were 28 cycle lockers and 18 Sheffield stands on Lancaster Station. The cycle stands on platform 1 were overused with cycles being attached to drain pipes and railings. Those on platform 5 were underused as they were difficult to get to. There was a waiting list of 10 for the cycle lockers. Cycle lockers were free to use, but let out to single users on an individual basis. The current system of booking cycle lockers was easy to manage and met Network Rail Security requirements (as Virgin had a list of locker users). However it meant that the lockers were not being used efficiently.

Action: Alternatives means of managing the lockers to be investigated

ii) Canal towpath resurfacing

Canal towpath between Lancaster and Carnforth had been given a tar spray and chip surface about 9 years ago. In places the surface was wearing thin and needed another layer of surfacing.

When the towpath had been surfaced, British Waterways had been a commuted sum for future maintenance.

Action: It would be raised with British Waterways whether the remaining commuter sum could be used to put another layer of surfacing on the towpath but this would not cover the whole scheme

iii) National Cycle Route 6 Preston to Lancaster

It was commented that some pothole repairs on minor roads on national cycle route 6 were not all that good. This problem had been rectified with the method of filling in potholes being revised

6) Promotion

a) Bike it update

The Bike it Project was likely to come to an end in July 2012. To help ensure continuity once the project had finished and reengage with schools that had taken part in the project in the past a school mark scheme had been introduced (Bronze, Silver & Gold). So far 18 schools in the area had achieved the bronze standard.

For more info http://www.sustrans.org.uk/what-we-do/bike-it/bike-it-and-our-school/bike-it-school-mark

b) Cycle Training

Bikeability cycle training was been offered to Years 5, 6 and 7 pupils by the City Council Sports and Leisure Section, who had funding from the Department of Transport for 900 places.

c) Universities

Cycle road shows had / were taking place by two Universities. The University of Cumbria had made their event into a bigger event.

7) Next Meeting

Gregson Institute, Moor Lane, Lancaster 1800 hours Monday 6th February 2012