Regrowth, renewal and rebranding

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As we get to end of 2012, its a time celebrate the end of the year, to look forward to the new year,  the first snowdrops which herald the start of spring and the longer cycling days. So with some interest I read the article in the January – February 2012 issue of the Rough-Stuff Journal about the rebranding of the Rough-Stuff Fellowship which the South Lakes Group is a local group of this national off-road cycle touring club. Yes the South Lakes Group website does not go out of its way to advertise that its is a local group of the Rough-Stuff Fellowship because 99.9% of the population  of the UK have never heard or know about our national  club, you have to be part of the cycling community to know about the club, so we advertise the South Lakes Group on the website as your local off road cycle touring club, its describe what the club is about to modern audience far better than using the national club name which as serve the club well for past 57 years and will continue to serve it well for next 50 plus years, I don’t see any point in changing the national club name as its part of the history of the club but welcome more use of the national  club initials with short phrase that explains what the club is about i.e. RSF The off-road cycle touring club, which explain to new comers to cycling what the club is about  but at end of day the RSF for me is a group of friends meeting up a local cafe for chat and then going out on the weekly club ride.