The Cafe Stop

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The cafe stop is important part any cycle club ride, it gives members on the ride a chance to catch up to get know each other better, in case of the South Lakes Group a good place to start a ride from, in the cold winter months a chance to warm up before continue on the ride. It also puts money back into local area which you visiting on the club ride which important on days when the motorist stay at home during the Winter months.

There a lot reasons  for visiting a cafe on club ride which I have listed above and think we manage to get to a lot remote, wild and generally not easily accessible places on South Lakes Group rides with out need of Primus Stove and Kettle, also have a morning and afternoon cafe stop, it case of moving with times, that why the South Lakes Group is still going like our friends at RSF’s Lancashire Group which as be going for over fifty years where other local  cycling groups like the old RSF’s South Wales Group are just a fond memory in the archives of cycling history because they did not stop at a cafe on club rides.

I think important point here, you have move with the times, look at what at other local cycling groups are doing and take their better ideals, use them on your group club rides.