A few changes to Where’s the Brew stop websites

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I hope you notice the few changes I have been making to various websites that make up the Where’s the Brew Stop? The off-road cycle touring website. One of the main changes is installing the code for Disqus comment boxes with the aim getting you visitor to this blog and other parts of Where’s Brew Stop website to comment on page content, weather you like the page or not or maybe add a bit information which I do not about but the general aim is build up active community of users who ask questions, maybe answer questions or exchanges ideals or maybe even be brave enough to come on South Lakes Group ride in the next few months when hopefully the temperature outside start to get warmer, yes I live in hope of warmer Summer than one we had last year in Northern England. So please give it a try and add a comment where there comment box on the site.

Other change is to this blog which as been upgraded from 1&1 blog to one that runs on Word Press blogging software which gives me opportunity to improve the look of the blog and generally give it face lift, I hope you like the new look of the blog.