Down Memory Lane

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I received a e-mail from Geoff Eubank reminding of South Lakes Group ride we did to Skiddaw House the highest Youth Hostel in England in 2008, you can see photos of the ride at this link. The reason for Geoff sending this e-mail was as suggest for a ride. ‘I know I don’t get to your rides has much as I’d like to, and I won’t make your runs meeting, so I thought I’d send a suggestion for a ride, we did it a few year ago, the ride to Skiddaw  House,  if I remember right ?  we started at Dockray, [a road lay-by]  had a brew stop at Greystoke then on to Skiddaw Youth Hostel House, we then returned to Threlkeld and back over the Old Coach Road,  if I remember it was wet day where we rung our shoes out back at the cars, I wouldn’t like to say what the trails are like to Skiddaw House after the wet weather we’ve had ?? probably still under water’.

I agree with Geoff it would make good ride to do again would anybody interest in doing the ride, as it would have be one where a few of us  would have to share a car to get to starting point for the ride.

Does anyone else have memories of South Lakes Group rides or or other RSF local group rides from past years? why not share them in comment box below.