Out in the Snow last weekend

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Above is photo of John on Sunday’s South Lakes Group ride  on the climb out of Longsleddale from Sadgill, you can see ride report and more photos of the ride at this link, you can see more photos taken of the ride by Ian Wood at this link.

The South Lakes Group was not only RSF local out about in the snow last weekend, our friends over at the Lancashire Group manage find some snow around Pendle Hill on their Sunday ride, there nice set of photos taken of ride by Geoff Smith at this link,  there interesting post about the snow by Georgina Ormrod (who is new Lancashire Group Secretary after the Easter Meet) on Pennine Peddling at this link, and you can see more photos and read the ride report of Lancashire Group ride around Pendle Hill at this link.

Were you out cycling in the snow last weekend, did you take any photos of your ride?