A Passion for Cycling

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Its not often that I agreed with Norman Houghton the Editor of ‘The Rough-Stuff Journal’ but after reading his editorial in the September / October issue of the Journal, I do agree with him that lots of members of clubs are not showing their passion for there club by not willing to volunteer and step forward to help run there club and leave it someone else to do! Club committees need change every few years so new and ideals can be try out to give more passion and soul to a club, it does need a bit commitment on your part to volunteer but you do get a lot back from volunteering like learning new skills and you find more you put in the more you get out.

At national level of our cycling club ‘ The RSF the off-road cycle touring club’ we need more members to step forward and volunteer to bring new way thinking to how our cycling club could be run better, we need to put more passion into way we do things so more folk find out about what the ‘RSF’ is about and join our national club, the more members that our national club as more folk like politicians and members of the media listen to our national and local officials of our club maybe in few years time our national club Chairman and President could be regular faces on breakfast talking about what our club is going to do about something, you may thing its a pipe dream but we need members with passion to take our national club forward to grow the membership of the club, to put a bit passion and soul into national club website which our friends over in the Lancashire Group have done with there part of the national website and must admit that is only reason I visit the national website is to look at there ride reports and ride photos, that how new members find out about our national club is looking at ride photos of what local groups of the RSF are doing and  say yes I can do that and join,  so  if you think you can put a bit of soul and passion in to your group area on the national website, why not volunteer and help out maybe learn a new skill, I love see more local groups showing visitors to the site what they are doing by posting photos of their rides.

Well you may think we may not have put a lot passion and soul into the South Lakes Group area of the national website but yes we have by taking it to next  level by having own independent website which as been running seen March 2001, which you should know about as this blog is part of that website where we put a lot passion and soul in showing the world what we do on our weekly club rides into the hills and mountains of the North West of England.

Which bring me down to the local level of our club we need  more folk like myself who are willing to go out cycling and lead a group friends on ride around there local area this may be weekly like I do with the South Lakes Group or monthly ride, that main reason folk join a cycling club is to go cycling with group of friends. If think you can help by leading a ride and live near a local group why not give your local group secretary a call on the phone and offer to help out. If you don’t live near area group and you are member of the RSF why not write a e-mail to Norman the Editor with dates for two rides you willing to lead  around your area on behalf of the RSF that how the South Lakes Group got started by me writing a note to then Editor of the Journal John Matthews  back in May 1994 say that would prepare to lead a ride once a month on second Sunday of each month and I was join for Inaugural ride by five other members for a ride to Clapham, the South Lakes Group as been going for over 17 years and now If I can do it so can you!

At national level if you think can help in some way like I did back Autumn 2003 when someone had to take over from late John Matthews who past away in the Summer of 2003 as New Membership Secretary quite fast which included a crash course in writing a membership database from paper records on to computer, which did four years, so if I did it , so can you by writing a e-mail to Henk the General Secretary of the RSF offering help out in running the club.