Autumn Meet Ride Photos?

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One of the problems the RSF suffers from is lack of ride photos from some local groups of there rides and of the Autumn and Easter Meet Weekends organise by the national committee showing what happen on  the day. A good photo, tells you story of what happen at the moment in time and several photos taken over of course of a ride tell the story of the ride far better than a few hundred words in a ride report on what happen on the ride or  over course of  long weekend at one national events that the RSF committee organise in the Rough-Stuff Journal which you may read if you interest enough.

If the Autumn Meet weekend had been organise by the Lancashire Group or the South Lakes Group or even Northern Peak & South Pennine Group or Yorkshire Dales Group there would been some photos of the weekend already posted up on the web showing what happen over the weekend, it shows the folk who did not go to the weekend what they miss and it provide good publicity for the club.

The main reason I visit the RSF website two or three times a month is to look at the Lancashire Group  ride photos and to see where they have been, we would get a lot  more folk joining our national club if other groups followed example of the Lancashire Group on the RSF website or the South Lakes Group with its own website which this blog is part of that website.

So getting back to Autumn Meet Weekend, what happen over the weekend? Did you go? Did you take any photos over the weekend? What was hostel food like?

Let have some feed back from you  telling me what I miss!