The South Lakes Group’s Run Meeting

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On Wednesday 8th January 2014, South Lakes Group will having Runs Meeting starting at 7:30 pm at Simeon’s to plan the Group’s rides for the following dates:


Saturday 1st:

Sunday 9th:

Sunday 16th:

Saturday 22nd:

Saturday 29th:



Saturday 5th:

Sunday 13th:

Sunday 20th:

Saturday 26th:



Saturday 3rd:

Sunday 11th:

Sunday 18th:

Saturday 24th:

Saturday 31st:


If would like to volunteer to lead a ride for one of the above dates, you must been a member of the RSF for over year or on list of RSF authorised ride leaders. South Lakes Group rides usually start at 10am from inside of Cafe or Tearoom or within first few miles of the ride stopping at Tearoom or  Cafe, the lunch stop is usually at side of track with good view and the Group usually stops for afternoon cafe stop. Rides starting in March need to be finishing at around 5pm, in April and May need to finishing sometime around 6pm or later. Rides on the 1st, 3rd, 5th weekend are usually car assisted rides and start within half hour to hour driving time from Lancaster. Rides on 2nd and 4th weekends usually start within 10 miles of Lancaster.

If you can’t make the run meeting and would like to lead a ride, Simeon the South Lakes Group Runs Secretary needs the following information e-mail to him: The date which you wish lead the ride on, the starting point of the ride and the destination of the ride.

Also at the meeting we need the Area Secretary to be proposed and seconded in writing and this will be forward on to RSF General Secretary before the RSF AGM at Easter.

After the runs meeting, the Ride List will e-mail to following, South Lakes Group members on the e-mail list, South Lakes Group Secretary, the RSF webmaster, the Editor of the Rough-Stuff Journal.