Want to get more involved in Cycling in Lancashire?

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I read with some interest in the latest issue of Lancashire Cycling News that “The County Council is looking to give cyclists more say in what happening in their area. There are cycle forums in Preston, West Lancashire and Pendle and a county forum. Meeting are normally held three or more times a year. If you would like to join one of these groups contact the Cycling Team on 0800 328 1635 or e-mail trafficandsafety@env.lancscc.gov.uk” would any RSF member be interest attending any of these forums on behalf of the RSF please let me or Brian know!

I also noticed the cop out by the Lancashire County Council Cycling Team not listing any local cycling club contact details in Lancashire Cycling News or on the Lancashire County Council Cycling Website which would have been very helpful! instead just directing everyone to the websites of British Cycling and the CTC which is very unhelpful!