Different directions

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It was rather disappointing that I was only member on last Sunday’s South Lakes Group ride which was my last ride that  I was leading on behalf of the group for some time, its as been rather hard decision to make, as my name as been link to South Lakes Group for over twenty years but over last six months the group is heading in different direction in which I want to do my cycling on Sunday which is fair enough. So I think its only fair to let this happen and step back.

Unfortunately for me I am not that interest in  going on mountain biking rides and starting a ride from back of van as lost its appeal may be its some to do with me turning fifty this year or maybe the state of van which is in its twelfth year on the road but I decide to do more of my cycling from my front door on Sunday. So with this mind and mainly to getting me out of bed on a Sunday especially on days when you can hear rain hammering down the bedroom window and only thing you want to do roll over and go back to sleep. I going to do my future Sunday cycling under the colours of Where’s the Brewstop? Cycle touring Group which will be mainly me, my bike and my camera on most rides, I maybe wrong, you welcome to join me on any of these rides which will mostly start from Halton Station in the Summer months at 9am and in the Winter months at around 9.15am, you can  fine details of fore coming rides in the Diary of cycle club events at this link.  To start with the group is go to be informal group of friends who meet up and go out cycling on a Sunday and if I am prove wrong and a lot of folk join me on these rides, in future may look at becoming a formal cycle club but I don’t think this will be under the RSF colours as there general lack interest by the current national leadership  of the RSF for having another RSF group in the area which is fair enough, I may not agreed with this but I in position where do not need a national club to advertise where I am going on Sunday, as I think there enough visitors to Where’s the Brewstop website to generate some company for me on the Sunday club ride.

I wish the South Lakes Group every success in their future rides weather this as mountain biking club for the over forties or something  else!

With regards to the South Lakes Group website, I shall be slowly closing it down and moving the content  over to main the Where’s the Brewstop website over next 12 months and you may find far more content about South Lakes Group events on the RSF website in the future but that’s up to members of the South Lakes Group to decide.

In the future the Where’s the Brewstop? The off-road cycle touring website will be about off- road cycle touring routes, cyclist’s cafes, off-road cycle touring, local group events and good photos.