I did not get far on today’s ride due to puncture

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The above photo of a cow in a field was only photo took on today’s ride this was due to only making to outskirts  of Carnforth where I manage to get puncture in the back tyre, when I came to  get out of the spare inner tubes out of the saddlebag to my horror I found that they fitted with schraeder  vale instead Presta vale which in the inner tubes on my bike. Yes got the  inner tubes at same time I bought bike and yes I should have check the inner tubes before put in saddlebag but it case of trusting the cycle shop to supply the right thing but at end of the day its was my fault for not checking the inner tubes. Any way there was not much point trying using the inner tubes fitted with the schraeder vale and could find where the air escaping from the puncture inner tube, so decide it would be easier as I only a few miles from home to push the bike home which took me about hour to do.

After having some lunch, I swap bikes and rode into Lancaster to buy some new inner tubes and after coming home manage to put patch on the puncture inner tube and new inner tube in the back tyre.

So hopefully I will better luck on next week’s ride and mistake that I not going make again, yes I was lucky that I was only few miles from home when it happen and if you live near me I have two 700 x32 -50c inner tubes with schraeder value looking for a new home, which you welcome to have.