A report on the Lancashire Local Meeting by Peter Edge

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I attended meeting of the ‘Lancashire Local’, both myself and Matt Hodges spoke as members of the public at start of the meeting about items on agenda. Matt spoke on behalf of the CTC and I spoke from the angle of Wray Parish Council. We had to wait to end of the meeting as the extension of the Lune Valley Cycle Path from Caton to Wray was the last item on the agenda.

There were two reasons for the delay of extension cycle path lasting several years. One was objections of the Claughton residents and the second was the intransigence of some landowners. So it was stalemate.

It was put to the meeting that only way forward was to invoke compulsory purchase powers, did the Lancaster Local want the cycle path to proceed and did the Lancaster Local want to invoke compulsory purchase powers.

Myself and Matt were most highly delighted that all the councilors who spoke on the issue were all in favour. In fact they spoke in glowing terms about it and there was a unanimous ‘YES’ vote.